Exercise and Christmas cheer can co-exist happily!

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Here at Best Practice we get it.


We understand that it is a crazy time of year with multiple events pulling at you every week. Often times, these events seem to conspire to drag down your health. If it isn’t bad enough just ‘having’ to be there, it is the mass produced trans-fat laden snacks and alcohol drowned nature of the whole thing. The food and the drink serving the seemingly useful purpose of distracting you from the boredom of attending something you really don’t want to be at….the classic lose lose!

Well not so the Best Practice Christmas workout and healthy breakfast of 2016 held on this past Saturday morning at 6.30am! We had a great turn out  of Best Practicians who obviously had the well founded desire to combat the dark side of Christmas celebrations by getting themselves there at 6.30am on a Saturday, to the tentatively newly named “Yin & Yang Club 49 on Allison”. Why the suggested new name I hear you cry? Well if  you hadn’t heard we have a burgeoning veritable health hub forming (finally) here at the home of Best Practice Personal Training at 49 Allison St, Bowen Hills. Over the past couple of months and particularly the last couple of weeks we have had Leisa Feez Collins of Shockwave Therapy, Michele Martinek of Michele Martinek Yoga & Consulting and Jana Jones of Zen Yoga & Pilates join the ‘club’ here as welcome new residents.

yoga shot christmas

I have always wanted to be able to provide a more holistic service in what we do. As you know my philosophy with health and fitness is to help people make small positive steps at their own pace with the trick being in the consistency and the life time intent of the approach.  On the journey to better health, there is a need to work  smart and at times hard to build your energy but also recover (hence the Yin and the Yang) and do the things you enjoy that make you a healthier, fitter, stronger and more balanced (physically and mentally) individual. We believe we have taken a major step closer to providing that environment by having a great option now for treating for injury in the Shock Wave Therapy,  preventative and restorative activities including massage (Michele) and Yoga with Zen Yoga & Pilates and a more focussed exercise physiology service coupled with our fitness & nutrition coaching/personal training which you already know well.

We are looking forward to a great 2017 with all of you. A friend of mine always sets a goal of being a little bit fitter or healthier or stronger or calmer each year. He just picks something and aims for that. There is ALWAYS something we can improve on no matter where we are at, age or health wise. It is the striving which keeps us engaged and fired up for a fun life.

Why wouldn’t we do that?

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