I visited my parents in Sydney over Christmas and the New Year and it got me thinking about life and it’s meaning. They are both in their 80’s and you can bet they know first hand how fast life goes by.

Now is definitely time to power up! Why I hear you cry??? Why the heck not is my prompt reply. Life is now and tomorrow offers a new chance at achieving great things because you are going to blink and opportunity (and especially opportunity to those with the energy and vitality to take it) will be gone if you aren’t ready. No pressure folks but instead of getting annoyed take advantage of the media bombardment that demands new goals for the new year. Take advantage of it because it there is a real chance of stimulating action otherwise not taken with the power held with in those words you hear.

We want 2010 to be a great one for you, your friends and your family. A life of action, joy and fun awaits you. It is, as always your choice. Hope to see you at the goal setting seminar later this month.

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