How many calories you need to maintain your weight? If your weight hasn’t changed and you have been doing both cardiovascular training and strength work then I am guessing you most certainly do know although you mightn’t be able to put an actual number to it.

If you are not so fortunate here is the plan. Buy the following items and do the following things because this exercise will have a huge impact on your results:

Buy a calorie counter book or register on a website the

Buy a set of food scales and a note book (or use an excel spreadsheet).

Start recording everything you eat, both type, size, quantity or information direct from the packet (hopefully not too many of these!).

Add up what you are currently consuming over 7 days and divide by 7 for a daily figure. E.g. 2200 calories

Then you must determine your Base Metabolic Rate which is the amount of energy your body requires just to exist at bed rest. This can be done two ways: Using the Harris Benedict equation or have it measured directly (we can now do this and will tell you more about this in due course). Unfortunately the estimate for the HB equation can be ‘out’ significantly but it is better than not knowing it all. To this figure which may be 1200 calories for an average size person you must add the estimate of all your daily activity. If the BMR and the daily activity figure are below your daily intake you are in weight gain mode bottom line. So you really need to have an understanding of this if weight gain has been an issue.

Email me any questions and stay tuned for more information on the very scientific BMR testing which will be able to give us accurate information on just how effective your muscle building program is.