I was reading an article from a business associate of mine and came across a little article about Jerry Seinfeld of all people and the key to his success. I reckon the lesson applies to anything worth achieving in life, but especially changes to your health and fitness.

Seinfeld was asked by an up and coming comedian how he got to be so successful. His answer. “Write one joke a day, every single day. Then once you get the roll on, don’t break the chain!”

The idea was to put an X on your calendar (displayed in a conspicuous location) for each day that you achieve your task and then watch the visual grow. This is what I recommend you do for your exercise and health program. Every day you do something that takes you towards your goal; a formal exercise session, a new incidental activity, a good food or drink choice (when otherwise you wouldn’t) mark it down as a tick then make that happen everyday.

Simple huh? Easy??? Well may be not. This approach is what we are working hard to encourage.