Okay let’s face it (no pun intended..honest), you either are in to facebook or you are not. This is just quick post. If you are, look for us on facebook and like us! Apparently if I get over 25 to like us we can get a facebook/bestpracticept address. That would be nice and would help get more people to like us, apparently. Okay who really cares if you like us, you might however, ‘like’ the information that we put out which, will help you in someway get fitter, develop strength or simply feel better in your day to day life. We think we are in the best business there is. Helping others get the most out of what can be a short time on this planet. Thanks for ‘liking’ us. p.s. when I get 25 people or more to like us, I could put a link right here that would take you direct to our page. p.p. s.s. Also before you think there must be a reason we currently have less than 25, well it’s because I have been a bit of a social media ignoramus. When you start to play with it a little, there can be some great things come out of it. But as with all things, moderation and intelligent usage is the key.

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