When we coach clients in Nutrition we are constantly evaluating results. Quite simply if the body isn’t changing then there are one of two explanations. It is either a good plan that hasn’t been applied well or a bad plan that needs adjusting. Usually it is the former. Complete honesty is needed if progress is going to be made. Most people who don’t know better jump from one plan to another before they have given the one they are on enough respect.

There is a Buddhist quote which I really like. I just read it the other day on a post by renowned strength and conditioning coach, Mike Boyle – “in the beginners mind there are many choices, in the experts there are few”.

He is a big fan of the KISS principle and adhering to the basics. When it comes to nutrition, unless you are adhering to the basic habits and do those ‘savagely well’ & have done for 3 months at least, don’t even think of changing the plan! And keep to one habit at a time if you are having trouble with big change. Before you know it, you will have new healthy behaviours as a normal part of your life.

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