You workout. Great. You are in the minority of the population so already you are pretty special. How many of you in this elite group feel like you are pushing the intensity (you know you need deep down) to make a significant difference? Not many I am guessing. This is why we exist.

A brand new tool in our arsenal to ensure you are hitting the right intensity is My Zone. This is a brand new system which has been utilised well in advanced clubs all around the world to help people just like you get the intensity of their training in to the right zone.

I have been using this myself over the past 6 weeks to get a feel for it. It is a GREAT piece of technology that engages and creates accountability even with out us as trainers. But when used by us it is even better.

Check out this short video on how it works and look for it in our PT room in your next workout. I will be moving it to the computrainer room at times so you can see it in action. If all goes well I expect consoles and screens in all spaces of Best Practice.

You don’t have to watch the whole video and whilst we don’t do classes exactly like this nor look like these trainers -I have been called the thinking person’s personal trainer :), you will get a good idea how this system gives direct and immediate feedback when working out. It also can viewed on your own personal watch that can come with it and then observe your data for a specific workout or over a week, month or for the year which I think is fantastic to encourage you to engage in  ‘enough’ exercise. Remember it is not always that more is better but most of us struggle to get the minimum needed for improvement.

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