staff christmas jumpI will be honest with you. As much as I do to want to help people experience what it’s like to be healthy, fit and strong I want that for myself even more! Sounds a little selfish when I read that back but you know what they say about creating happiness around you starting with yourself?

8 years ago when I was considering what to do with my life after my epic (and a little dangerous) trip from Sydney to the Whitsundays and then back to the Gold Coast on a 1930’s gentleman’s cruiser, designed mostly for the bays and harbours of Sydney, I thought about what really was important to me. It wasn’t a new consideration to be honest as a tennis career that didn’t really get going back in the eighties and early nineties had pushed me towards studying sports science, basically to find out what went wrong!

Any way long story short, I made my decisions around what was going to help me maintain health and fitness throughout my entire life, basically so I could ‘do stuff’ because what was the point in being the wealthiest, and probably unhealthiest (in so many ways) guy in the cemetery?

The pictures you see are from the weekend Brissie to Bay bike ride. Now I am not trying to say I am a legend – but the clients you see with me are! But if you can draw something from, the thousands of people there on the day including Michelle, Jenny, Yuri, Tim and two guys on a kickbike doing 50k’s, acting like kids and feeling like old men (by the end), then the soreness I feel in my legs are worth it besides of course the perverse satisfaction I feel on a personal level.

I will judge the success of Best Practice, the business from the number of people we can influence to really ‘grab’ hold of life, but you can only really grab it, if you are strong enough to hold it, fast enough to catch it in the first place and then fit enough to keep doing it!. Find your driver and then use any trick in the book to keep yourself honest to it. My trick was to start a business around it. What will yours be? I would really like to hear from some of you and how you have done it. Tell me what was the turning point for you or what you will make your turning point……after reading this (I am forever optimistic that my words can create action!)

Okay what’s next? Bridge to Brisbane in September. I will do anything to drag myself through Winter! How about you??

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