What is 100 extra calories per day going to do to me anyway?

Well the answer might shock you. If you consume just 100 extra calories per day to what your body needs given your current level of expenditure it would take just over 3 years to put on 20 kg! So even if it is only 50 calories per day you will be 20kg heavier 6 years. 100 calories is not even a capucino! So the message? Little bits often, count……alot. We just looked at the intake side. Consider what little changes to your current activity level could do to balance out the scales. Park your car further from the shops, change the channel by getting up (chuck away the remote…even better chuck away the whole tv set!), walk as much as you can when you are shopping by not taking the escalator etc. Again, a little bit often….. helps a lot!

The basic message is that you need an awareness of what your body needs to maintain it’s current weight. If you believe you need to drop some weight (read: body fat) then you need to create a deficit between what goes in and what goes out. It is really not rocket science folks. First you need awareness of some numbers and second you need a plan to achieve what you are looking for and of course, third you need to do it!

Exercise is MOVE, Nutrition is EAT, Goals is THINK. That is what we are about.