Diary of a ‘hard man’

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Some recent musings from a computrainer fanatic and indeed a hard man (well done Dave)! If you want to know what it feels like to burn more calories than you can eat (well maybe depending on what you eat!), you will just have to try computrainer

TUESDAY 0600 Strength Circuit – concentrating on Legs as did my rotator cuff over Christmas (don’t ask, OK I’ll tell, after throwing a 3yo repeatedly in the air in the pool…). At ~1100 I think, hey, there’s an empty CT room at the FV pool totally under-utilised….can’t waste this…. plus Tour Down Under is 2 weeks away! 1200 CT – 95_Nationals_Road_Race.  OK, looks suitable,20.92km, let’s give it a whirl.  Hey, no one told me ~2 mins into the ride it’d swing from -2% to +15% then ‘ease up’ to 8.5%! Nasty course…  47:00:46 – OK first hit-out on a course I didn’t know. 1700 Incredibly heavy legs walking up a hill to my home in the burbs…what idiot combines a legs weight session followed by the CT?
WEDNESDAY 1200 CT – 95_Nationals_Road_Race. Swallowed a spoonful of concrete then hit the same course thinking it’s time to shrink yesterdays time.  Got the music pumping, set the floor fan directly on Bike #7 to blow a gale over the body, and got on with it!  45:26 (? wrote it up on the whiteboard anyway). Shaved 2 mins off previous days time without passing out – not bad, congratulations, you’re a ‘hard man’ I say to myself.
THURSDAY 1200 CT Default CT Time Trial (9.98km) – note it wasn’t planned this way as I must’ve zoned out as I thought I was going to have a third crack at the 95 Nationals RR.  Had the head down but was surprised when I didn’t hit the 15% gradient – it was only then I realised what course I was on & thought ‘stuff it, it’s half the course I’ve done the last 2 days so ‘Hammertime’….but didn’t have a target time to beat.  Did 16:21:66 then looked at the whiteboard to see I shaved a big 6 seconds off the best time for that course! (but I will confess to lying down in front of the fan for a minute at the end of it).

A real hard man would use the CT four days straight but I have a long work meeting/lunch today (plus it’s at The Waterloo with the cricket on the TV…).  Looks like pretenders simply go 3 days straight on the CT.  At least I did the River Loop before work this morning with my regular cycling bunch followed by coffee.
You could have a lot of fun with a CT & seriously improve your performance on the bike, if you were training very repeatedly/regularly like this…whilst ensuring not overtraining.  After 3 days I feel I’ve got back into the zone.
(Not so) CT Hard Man

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