Crying like a little girrrrl?

If you have ever seen the moving wedding crashers you will, right now have the image of Owen Wilson denying that he was crying like a little girl, in your head right now. Once you get through the mirth associated with that particular scene and hopefully you are smiling, let’s get to the whinging and whining!

There can be no doubt we are in tough times, but will you cry like a little girl or take action? The choice is definitely yours. It is true there is a lot happening at the moment which is out our control but how we respond is not. If I told you the story of someone who had invested in a very expensive piece of machinery, which their business absolutely depended and that, in attempt to ‘save’ money neglected regular maintenance, you would say that person was being short sighted. The thing that most of us are lucky to have, which we absolutely depend on and now more than ever, is the healthy functioning of our body and mind. That is what is going to get us through every time.

As trainers we deal with all types and nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing our clients rise to the challenge. This attitude of ‘toughing it out’ in a session is something which can and usually does permeate all areas of life. The exercise habit is not a luxury or the actions of the crazy ‘fitness fanatic’ it is the only common sense approach to employ because you can control this and right now all hands are required on deck!