When we take on a client in personal training the key is communication, both between the client and ourselves and perhaps more importantly, the quality of the communication they have with themselves. We can train someone all we like but unless they take personal responsibility to be honest with themselves, well put it this way, there are about 163 hours outside of their time with us where they can undermine everything we do together.
It is critical that the client can articulate in great detail what they are hoping to achieve when they embark on a journey to better health because quite simply you cannot hit something you are not aiming for. Beyond this ‘what’ is the crux of the whole matter, the ‘why’. It has been said by a wiser person than I that if you can find a ‘why’ strong enough the ‘how’ will reveal itself. This is often an emotional realisation and to be honest, needs to be. It is this connection between action and purpose that the magic happens. Most people have got themselves in to trouble health wise because a lack of quality communication with themselves about where they are really at. When you have your head down and buried in tasks, it is easy to block out the signals that are all too obvious in retrospect when the doc gives you the news you don’t want to hear.
Keep the lines of communication open. Listen to your body, listen to your heart. You may not like what you hear now but the way forward resides in the action you take from that dialogue and it CAN get better.

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