The Clean Slate

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We are early in the New Year and hopes are high for a good year. Always! This is the reason I love this time of year because it reminds of the hope I used to (probably over optimistically) possess at the beginning of every set of tennis I played competitively. Why so? Well the beauty of a game of tennis is such that no matter how bad you did in a previous set or even game for that matter, you get to start at love all, i.e. zero, i.e a clean slate! How awesome is that? A new year gives that opportunity every year no matter how bad the previous one. I don’t want to dwell on the obvious issue from the last 2 years we have been bombarded with but let’s focus down to the very personal level of what you can control.

Your health and fitness falls in that category. Any improvements in this area will help literally everything about your life. So as far as subjects to think or talk about go, this rates pretty highly! 

When a challenge or even time frame spans ahead of you and appears so big it is easy to get overwhelmed in the detail and then not even bother. I really love a visual aid when it comes to getting stuff done, building momentum and then eventually enjoying the auto-pilot nature of it all as the results start to shine through and they will. Remember it is the process that needs to happen for the outcome to have a chance. There are no guarantees but if you can deliver on the actions, good things usually follow. 

I hope you enjoy the video of a tool I use to help to prompt action and build momentum across the year. It is a great show piece, perhaps just for you where you see evidence of the reality of why you might or might not be achieving the goals you set for yourself. Hint: By having this and using it, you increase the odds of it (the ‘stuff’ you need to do) actually happening, exponentially. 

As always, reach out if you feel you might gain from having a coach on your side to ‘do the do’ in this critically important journey towards health, fitness, strength and a better life. 

Happy 2022!

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