leather-pantsThat’s not me, just an idea perhaps?

It’s on! RETRO style christmas party of 2009. I had to get the leather pants in there somehow! Remember it is not about how you look but how you feel and if you feel good in platform shoes, flared pants and beads then be my guest! You have an open ticket here so dig deep in to your wardrobe and see what crazy stuff you can come up with. We want you there and we want to be laughing!!! I know you will be laughing at myself, Jimmy, Nicole, Matt and Ericka! 🙂

Date: Saturday December 19     Time: 7:00pm    Theme: RETRO    Location: The Valley Pool

RSVP: December 11        *Drinks and nibblies will be provided.

There will be special awards for best dressed and a few fun awards to go in hand as well.