Changing habits, changing lives.

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I attended a ‘weight loss’ conference last Friday. There were some industry experts there including the author of a fantastic book on nutrition of this blog’s title, Cyndi O’Meara. More on this amazing book in a minute.

This conference was super interesting as professionals from psychology, naturopathy, chiropractic, personal training, nutrition, exercise physiology and life coaching from around Australia got together to tackle the issue of how we as a nation are going to stem the rising tide of the obesity epidemic. No one can argue with the appropriateness of this term ‘epidemic’ with 62% of all Australians either overweight or obese. It is said by 2020 that it is likely this number will increase to 80%! If you don’t think this is going to impact every aspect of how we live then you would be very mistaken. Think budget costs for health care exploding as we deal with more and more lifestyle related diseases, think remodeling the design of planes, buses etc with bigger seats, think drug company profits, think depression and the effect on families….. think catastrophe. Anyway this article is not about the conference (that is another blog entry) but about the book, Changing habits, changing lives.

You really need to read this book. I only just got it on Friday and I am close to finishing it. Once caveat is this though, the concepts will challenge you and if you aren’t open minded there is a danger of throwing up your arms and saying, this is just too hard. I really hope you don’t do that because health is just too valuable. You do not have to be perfect, just committed to feeling better one habit at a time. This is the very same principle we use in our training. Sometimes it is a big job and the journey is longer than first anticipated but understanding just how good you can feel on a daily basis is the prize that we use to motivate.

This is part of the problem I believe. People who have never experienced the joy of feeling like you could almost jump out of your skin; climb a mountain with gusto (or at least get up a hill on your way to the bus); bound out of bed with bubbling energy ( I am serious); dive in the surf and swim to the back of the break and body surf a wave;  or get up and dance like Ricky Martin, can’t imagine it is worth ‘all the work’ of  breaking a negative cycle. We need to get our imagination back and believe that all things are possible. In psychology we talk about ‘chunking’ down big tasks and that is what this book does. Focus on one thing until it becomes a seamless part of your existence where you don’t have to think anymore, then go for the next one. Before you know it you will be starting to experience life the way it is supposed to be and for the many people we see, the joy it brings is priceless and is the reason we do what we do.

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