Hi to all. Myself, Jeames and Ericka had the good fortune to celebrate with one of our star clients on Friday. We sat up the top of the stands and looked down at the pool and reminisced about the journey that this client (and friend) had been on for the past 3 years. I am not sure what was the biggest achievement, losing over 55kg, maintaining that loss for the past 12 months or having the champagne (that we were celebrating with) in her fridge for the last 3 years and not once touching it! I figure Michelle was so focussed, for so long it was like that champagne wasn’t even there because it didn’t fit with the discipline required to achieve what she was aiming for.

I can only say, well done again on what I liken to an Olympic level achievement because the turn around required was so big and the single mindedness needed, so intense. It was a pleasure to celebrate that victory. I did over hear Michelle say it was one of the better sessions she had had with the trainers!

Okay, December and January have possibly been very challenging for a lot of us. We live in Australia after all where everything seems to be celebrated or commiserated with alcohol. Us included above! So, myself and some clients have pledged an alcohol free February. Are you in? Of course it may not be realistic to never drink alcohol for the rest of your life but as for interupting a potentially bad habit or negative  behaviour pattern, abstaining for one month can be a great way to get control back and remind yourself that good times can actually take place with out a beer or a glass of wine. So, are you in? Email me and let me know. There is strength in numbers mon ami!

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