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Your Lifestyle Has Consequences

Your lifestyle has consequences

A sedentary lifestyle coupled with an unhealthy diet and no regular exercise will strip years off your life and end up costing you thousands in medical expenses. Change your life today with a call to Best Practice PT.
Train Smart at Best Practice Personal Training

Train Smart

At Best Practice PT we are University Qualified Fitness and Health Practitioners. We have a quality system that ensures best practice assessments, plans and trainings. Plus we’ve integrated several technology hacks to make your progress more visible, accountable and scientific. You could say we deliver Smart Training to get you better results.
You Do NOT Want ABS

Abs. Everyone wants them. But do they REALLY?

Abs. Everyone wants them. But do they REALLY? If you want visible abs you need to be roughly sub 12% body fat for men and sub 18% body fat for women. If you want to reach these body fat percentage levels then it is safe to say that you cannot get away with drinking alcohol, whilst trying to achieve that goal, which might take 6-12 months depending on your starting point REPEAT: You will be a teetotally whilst trying to get abs, not to mention eating a very strict diet. So if you aren’t willing to cut the daily beer or red wine and sharpen up your diet to an unsociable degree, then you don’t really want abs.
What Is Fitness Worth to You

What’s a change like this worth to you?

Most of our clients report the main advantage of a successful exercise program is ‘Feeling Good’. We’d hasten to add that body fat loss and the accompanying spike in energy will help you; age better, improve your lifestyle and simply become a better partner or parent to hang out with.
Fitness requires a Paradigm Shift

Your fitness goals require a ‘paradigm shift’

The way you perceive the world shapes your thoughts, your thoughts become actions, and your actions create your physical reality. If you haven’t been getting the results you want then it might be time to change your paradigm. It won’t be easy and it’s not without risk. But it’s the only way if you want something different to what you are currently getting. You must become pleasure-AVOIDING in the short term with the long-term goal of perceiving things a whole lot differently – a paradigm shift. You have to see what you once found pleasurable as painful, possibly eating that cake and what you once found painful as pleasurable, getting up early to exercise on a cold Winter’s morning perhaps. If you don’t make this mental switch in your mind, you will always be fighting an uphill battle because often times the things we have found oh so pleasurable have a massive sting in the tail. It is important to understand that getting healthy and into shape isn’t really a physical process; it’s the physical result caused by a person’s worldview, thoughts, and therefore their actions – in essence, their paradigm.
how long will you live

Life comes and life goes….

Heavy subject line I know. But sometimes a bit of harsh reality is needed to spark action. The life of a health and fitness influencer is all about that – stimulating the beginning and then the continuation of the medicine we all need – movement! There is a strong message and promotion of “extreme exercise” bursting from the fitness industry’s marketing channels. Best Practice Personal Training, arguably the best personal trainers in Brisbane 🙂 are advocates of a more conservative approach . We are attempting to break through the noise to get to the vast majority of our society not attracted to box jumps with a barbell on their back (oddly enough!) who don’t exercise regularly but know they should. A lone voice in the wilderness is us – Move well first then move a bit more we cry! This is the first action and order of events in my humble opinion. Waiting for inspiration, i.e. starting with the head can be a long and sometimes fruitless wait. I have heard time and time again – “I eat better when I start exercising” “I feel mentally stronger when I exercise” “My performance in everything improves when I exercise”. So, big question. What are we waiting for? Life comes and life goes, what will you (be able) to do with the in-between bit? What will you see when you look back? Ok enough contemplation, start small and go for a walk already!  
replace old habits with new

Using psychology for good not evil

Do you ever get the feeling that you are doing something on autopilot? You know when you unconsciously eat a biscuit because you are having a coffee. We’ve all been there. It’s the way our brains are wired and it’s not our fault. It just is. The reason is that we only have a finite of space to process information, kind of like a computer. It’s efficient to not to have to think all the time. Now I want you to think about all the habits that don’t serve your ultimate goals. What if you could change those habits and replace them with others that did serve your ultimate goals? What if getting up early and walking before work every day was your thing for example? No thinking, just alarm, hit it and then put on shoes and walk out the door? It’s the no thinking part which is so appealing because let’s face it, there is A LOT of information coming at ya in the year 2018. Okay, big question how do you get from not doing a good habit to “doing”? You have probably heard of the 21-day rule and how habits can be formed in this time frame. There is a lot of physical evidence, as in brain imaging not just theorising, that shows that this timeframe is in fact pretty accurate for a change in the hard wiring of behaviour. Lesson? Find a way to fake it till you make it. Start collecting new beneficial habits by will powering your way through the first 21 days […]
make this year count

2018. Here we go!

I know a lot of you are already in to it. 2018 is off and running. For me, it’s the school year starting that really signifies the beginning of the manic, exciting and yes sometimes stressful rollercoaster, that is life for another year. That day in Queensland is today. So how was your break? Did you get one? I hope you got a chance to slow down a bit and rejuvenate. Importantly, have you planned your next break? This was told to me some time back and I think it is a great strategy. Make sure you have your next holiday booked in whilst still on your current one. It is a psych thing that really works. Not that we should dread our work and be at a point that you feel life only exists outside of it (if that is you it is time for a change of job or career). Hopefully we all love what we do enough that it is more the ‘re-set’ that we are looking for, than the escape. The mental re-set is so important ass are recovery days in your training week. You can’t keep going hard all the time, you have to judiciously mix in hard with easy so your body has a chance to adapt. It is my guess though that it is not the ‘going too hard with exercise’ thing that you need to worry about but the actually ‘getting some in’. My suggestion is to write it down and book it in, just like any important appointment you have in […]

The Old Year’s Resolution…..

I thought I would pre-empt or post-empt the inevitable, both the New Year’s promises coming up and the New Year’s promises that didn’t happen. But in the spirit of decisiveness, why don’t we just forget the lamenting of time that can’t be gotten back and then also, the usual nonsense of January and the new beginnings talk etc etc blah blah and simply start now! Even if you made some promises at the beginning of 2016 and didn’t quite deliver, it doesn’t matter. We all have the advantage of the clean slate (each day is in fact a new day and a new chance), so why don’t you clean that slate now, rather than waiting for the slate to get even dirtier by the time late January comes? After all the job just get’s bigger and harder. And starting, contrary to popular thought can be as simple as getting up and going for a walk on a regular basis. It is the consistency and the incremental building that will lead to better things. It doesn’t have to be painful! I really believe in the science of improvement and in a world of mis-information and false (and damaging) beliefs, let’s shed a bit of light on the whole ‘weight loss’ thing, which I can assure you is going to come at you thick and fast  in the very near future on multiple fronts from the media. I would love to have written this article I am about to link you to but since it has already been done and just simply […]