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replace old habits with new

Using psychology for good not evil

Do you ever get the feeling that you are doing something on autopilot? You know when you unconsciously eat a biscuit because you are having a coffee. We’ve all been there. It’s the way our brains are wired and it’s not our fault. It just is. The reason is that we only have a finite of space to process information, kind of like a computer. It’s efficient to not to have to think all the time. Now I want you to think about all the habits that don’t serve your ultimate goals. What if you could change those habits and replace them with others that did serve your ultimate goals? What if getting up early and walking before work every day was your thing for example? No thinking, just alarm, hit it and then put on shoes and walk out the door? It’s the no thinking part which is so appealing because let’s face it, there is A LOT of information coming at ya in the year 2018. Okay, big question how do you get from not doing a good habit to “doing”? You have probably heard of the 21-day rule and how habits can be formed in this time frame. There is a lot of physical evidence, as in brain imaging not just theorising, that shows that this timeframe is in fact pretty accurate for a change in the hard wiring of behaviour. Lesson? Find a way to fake it till you make it. Start collecting new beneficial habits by will powering your way through the first 21 days […]

The power of the orange men

At Best Practice, we are big on behaviour change and we like to use every little psychological trick in the book to achieve it. When it comes to the best tricks, I look at how games are designed and then use the addictive nature of such ingenious methodology to mould the action of clients towards the ‘good’ habits, as opposed to the numerous bad ones we form, seemingly without even trying. And you know what, I think that last point is key – ‘without even trying’. When I finish a workout now, I almost can’t wait to tick the box in our systems that says, in graphical form, “hey you got something done pal”. My little calendar, which is easily accessible on my smart phone displays a little orange man on the day when ever I have completed a workout. As simple as that is, the accumulation of little men means I know at a glance that I am active in that week, and I will do almost anything to make sure I can tick the box that means I get a little icon to show up. I guess another big reason this works is because ‘being active’ is one of my KPI’s for a good life and like anyone, I want a good life. We use this method with our clients and members because it is easier to drive new behaviour with the simple rather than the complex. You should give it a go. Even a simple walk get’s you a tick and an orange man. Our two group […]

Invest in your greatest asset

No I am not talking money but if you want to Fitzy’s would be a good first stop. Here is an article I recently wrote in their newsletter. They wisely understand the link between your health and your finances.

The age old principle…

It is surprising how blinkered we can be at times. And, even more surprising how big, ‘smart’ organisations with seemingly great mission statements and philosophies miss the importance of a little investment up front to save untold expense in the long term. If you work for a company or better still, own one then you might be in a position to implement an action plan based on the sobering information below – take note on the number 70%! That same stat holds true across most of the developed world which is why some health authorities are calling the coming fall out a ‘pandemic’. Serious times folks. You however, know what to do 🙂 Exercise is Medicine bringing physical activity to the workplace Studies show that low Cardio Respiratory Fitness contributes to more deaths than obesity, smoking and diabetes combined (Blair, S. 2010). With almost 70% of the Australian adult population failing to meet the minimum recommendations for physical activity, and the World Health Organisation and the Australian Government identifying the workplace as the ideal setting to promote physical activity, EIM Australia in partnership with the Healthier Australia Commitment has developed the Exercise is Medicine ’Physical Activity in the Workplace: A Guide’ and its associated resources. Recent research shows that workplace health programs result in, on average, a 25% decrease in sick leave absenteeism, 40% decrease in workers compensation costs, 24% decrease in disability management costs and $5.81 of savings for every $1 invested in employee wellbeing. (Health and Productivity Institute of Australia, 2010).

It’s not about the money

But maybe big business need it to be. Governments certainly know it is about the money, which is why they are so freaked out and trying everything they know to turn things around. If you own a business or work for one and are interested in the bottom line, then read this article. There is gold in ‘them there exercising hills!’ Exercise can increase productivity by up to AU$2,500 per employee according to 60 day trial carried out by The Brain Science Institute Clinical trial to measure correlation between physical fitness and brain function finds that exercise significantly increases happiness, productivity and cognition SYDNEY, Australia — September 13, 2011 —SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) Australia, announced the findings of a clinical trial conducted recently by the Brain Sciences Institute at Swinburne University, on 40 randomly selected SAP employees over a 60 day period.  The study intervention was carried out by Professor Paul Taylor, founder of the Body Brain Performance Institute. The research study looked at different measurable components of cognition using a neuropsychological test battery specifically developed by Swinburne’s Brain Science Institute. The test measured important aspects of brain function typical for people in management and executive positions, such as the ability of the brain to plan, remember, simulate future scenarios and make decisions. Over 60 days, a total of 40 randomly selected SAP employees based in Melbourne took part in the clinical trial.  Half of the employees represented the control group and the other half the exercise group. Both groups did a 10,000 steps per day walking program with the exercise […]

I just need a bit more time……

Attention all ‘successful’ executives and career climbing types who may be not telling themselves the entire truth. I strongly recommend you go to this link and watch the video. This is as serious as it gets. Forward it on if you think it might help someone. I am not trying to tell you that work and providing a good living is not important but you know that it has taken over when you have not exercised properly for 3 months or more, have the same argument as Adam Sandlers character (in the video you are about to watch) or feel that your body has become a dumping ground. Check it out!