Can you trust yourself?

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When it comes to changing our life, we often make some pretty big statements. The question is can you trust yourself? Or do you feel like, even as you are saying it, that you are not quite believing it? This habit of being unreliable to yourself and may be even others has been instilled over time. I don’t believe it is a character trait or an all encompassing truism carved in stone, never to change. I believe, like anything that this habit of being trustworthy or not , can be trained. What little stories you run in your head about yourself define you. So if you aren’t happy with what you are currently producing, change the story. But start small.

In personal training we see it often. Someone starts with all guns blazing only to trip up after the reality of change and what is really required, hits home. It is why our philosophy of change is built around attacking one small thing at a time. People need little victories to build upon so that confidence in themselves can grow.

If you want to be someone who knows that when they say they are going to embark on a 6-12 month exercise and lifestyle change program, that you will actually do all the things needed to succeed, then you need to start practicing by delivering on little promises to yourself and others. For example, you might say to your wife that you will do the washing up after dinner. Then just make sure you do that. May be then step it up and make the wild statement (in my case :), “I will vacuum for you on the weekend”. Just make sure again that you  successfully do that. Start being true to your word with little things and before you know it you will be coming through with some big ones.

Once you start to always do what you say, then you start to form a belief system about yourself. One like, “I am dependable” or “My word is my contract” or “I always do what I say I am going to do” or “I always find a way through”. These little statements, when truly believed are so very powerful, as nothing will seem insurmountable or impossible to you. You might find yourself one day committed to something you never thought possible and know that you will stick with it to the end. This is when life starts producing a greater depth of experience and more things that you and others can be proud of.

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