Can you really learn good nutrition in 8 days??

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You know already that I have been seriously looking at how I can help you get your eating right. I want to help a large number with this and whilst one on one coaching is the pinnacle approach, not everyone can access that. I was looking for a resource that would help expose the rules of healthy eating, information that is NOT easily accessible due to the incredible confusion created by mass media.

Well, I have found that resource. I sent an email out last week to a number of you but I am opening this up to whoever reads our stuff.

This 8 day course comes from Dr John Beradi of Precision Nutrition and whilst it will never replace face to face coaching/mentoring, it is an excellent first step because it shows you the irrefutable findings of the latest research and then how to implement these tested real world strategies, in a way that you are never going to get from your Men’s Fitness or New Idea or Women’s Weekly.

The course starts with three consecutive online questionnaires, which are very revealing – they get right to the point, highlighting your weaknesses and offering solutions. Even just reading the questions called attention to some of the areas I could improve upon, and I know this stuff.

Each lesson offers a concise, no-nonsense message, one that beginners and experts alike will benefit from hearing. John does a great job of putting aside the fads and getting down to the point. He makes no mistake about telling you exactly what will lead to failure, and what will lead to success.

John also does a great job of going beyond the actual food to talk about how to ensure you actually follow the plan. What good is a great diet if you don’t follow it?

And best of all, he tells you exactly what rules to follow, in no uncertain terms. His 10 Rules cover everything from what to eat to when to eat it. Very good stuff, which I didn’t expect in such a short course.

All in all, this is an excellent little course, and in eight days you’ll learn more about what really works nutritionally than most people do in a lifetime.

The bottom line is that if you’re not in the shape you want to be, and you want to learn how to turn things around with nutrition, I strongly recommend that you check the course out yourself. It may be from the US but it is very applicable to us here in OZ because we are so similar in our habits to our American brothers and sisters in this game of eating! It’s available for no cost below:

Precision Nutrition 8 day course

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