I indeed would like to think so as I hurtle head long towards a number that I can hardly believe I will be but that is another story! I have just finished reading a very interesting scientific study.

Just before I go in to it, I want you to understand something. The information you get here is going to be good. I don’t say that to brag but just to let you know that having studied three science degrees I respect the research process and what it can tell us. I do understand the argument, that numbers can be twisted to say anything but that argument loses weight when the shear volume of data saying one thing, far out weighs the scant research saying something else entirely. So with that in mind, you should have a look at the recent research done on the importance of cardiovascular fitness and how ‘intensity’ is more important than duration.

I want you to think about that a little when you say next time, ‘hey I’m active enough, I play golf’. Check out the study here and I draw your attention to this quote in particular from Professor Wisloff, “Even if you were highly active at a young age, you have to keep being active to get the health benefits from it”. I can still hear one of my lecturers booming, “You can’s store fitness!”

This is why we, as fitness coaches will still exist for some time because until you can say fitness is your non-negotiable habit and you know how to push yourself enough, you will derive benefit from sessions like computrainer and one on one sessions with trainers like Eoin and Rob. If you want to know what your VO2 max (in the study they call it VO2peak, but it is the same thing) let me know and we can run that one for you. It’s good to track your numbers and shoot for something. It can produce untapped drive to achieve worthwhile things.

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