Running man
Running man

September 11 is the day. We would like to see you in this one. I am organising a taxi from the pool for those who would like to come with us for the 10 k (or 5k) run or walk.

You know we like to see you test yourself a little and this is a great opportunity to log some kind of performance from which to judge future efforts. It is nice to strive for something each year and try to better yourself in some way.

I am really keen to get a best practice ‘useful’ fitness photo like this one below. If you don’t already have one of our unbelievably beautiful singlets we would like you to earn one by being involved. For those interested, we are going to have a little barbecue back at the pool afterwards and a cool off in the pool.

Let me know you are up for it by filling in this form below

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