Bridge to Brisbane 2011

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What a day! It was indeed a fresh start to Sunday morning with around 7 degrees on the dial  as I climbed out of a warm bed from my lovely wife at 4.30am (you will be in it next year Jacqui!!).

I had a text from a great client of mine Martina Hal after the event, who said words to the effect that “her trainer wouldn’t be pleased that there may have been more chatting than serious exercise”. I replied by saying that ‘anyone who gets out of bed early on a Sunday morning to engage in exercise of any kind gets my respect’. And so it goes also to Andrew Bauer and Merve Smith. I am sure there were other clients and ex clients involved but hats off to you two guys in particular. We met at the pool at 5.00 am and got across to the start with minimal stress in the best practice mobile. It was a great performance from first timer, Andrew who had said to me a year ago that he would and I quote ‘like to be able to run 1km without stopping’. Well, after running the 10km yesterday non stop in a respectable time indeed, I think we need to readjust those goals some what. Great effort mate! Next year, sub 50 mins is realistic. As for Merve, an old hand at this running game, a predictable super effort. With marathons under his belt this man knows about ‘habitual exercise’ and the power of consistent effort in being active as simply something which is firmly a part of his life. This is what it is all about. Check photos out attached. They are wearing the ‘useful fitness’ orange singlet which represents physical efforts outside the studio which is what we train for. I love to see you all looking good in the studio but when you put it all in to practice outside in the real world, well that just makes my day!

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