Breakfast, how important is it?

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I read an interesting article from the boys at I really love their rigor in how they look at things. There are no throw away lines, no sensationalism, just balanced thinking. I know, I know that’s kind of novel these days with the likes of the Kardashians and other ‘reality tv shows’ espousing ‘wisdom’ of dubious quality. Anyway back to breaky. I shot a video on ‘Breakfast with Jimmy’ a while back when I was at the Valley Pool. Warning: You may have a chuckle.

It’s amazing how views can change. After all my study with Precision Nutrition I now see things a little differently and yes whilst I now believe ‘cereal’ for breakfast is far from optimal sometimes you gotta make do. I subscribe now to the 70-90% ‘compliancy’ rule. That is, aim to get your nutrition right (more on what ‘right’ might be) about 70-90% of the time. So, to drill down even more, if you eat 4 times a day, 7 days a week, aim to make 20-25 of these 28 eating opportunities tick the boxes of healthy parameters you have set (they can vary a little depending on how ‘clean’ and ‘pure’ you want to be. Unfortunately, the more stubborn your metabolism is, the higher that percentage needs to be (and the higher grade of ‘right’ needs to be too) if you are looking to achieve significant results.

Just remember, you don’t have to be perfect here with your nutrition though – no one is. Set the goal to improve your ‘approach’ and if body change is your main driver then a strong awareness of your week to week reality will be necessary to appraise and tweak to keep moving forward with your goals. Of course exercise is the other big factor in the process. But we will leave that topic for another day.

In the mean time folks. Eat well! Be happy!

p.s. Below is another video I did back when I was at the Valley Pool, age 48, entitled “Breakfast in a hurry” (again, you may laugh at my hair and my tendency to shake the vitamin bottles!) highlighting the protein I highly recommend – 180 Nutrition and how to get something really healthy in, FAST! We stock 180 Nutrition because I truly believe in it and use it myself. You can find out more about it here if interested.

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