Bowen Hills H.I. Allied Health - Best Practice Personal Training

Bowen Hills H.I. Allied Health


Best Practice Personal Training works out of 49 Allison St, Bowen Hills which will be the headquarters of – Bowen Hills H.I. Allied Health – a new concept in preventative health care.

We will have practitioners operating out of the premises in the fields of Musculo-Skeletal Therapy & Podiatry (we already have a practitioner qualified in these two fields working with clients) and are currently interviewing for Chiropractic, Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates, Nutrition (Dietitian or Nutritional Medicine) and Performance Psychology/Life Coaching.

Our unique offering will be a signature 12 month programme, which will give you regular access to the practitioners you specifically need the most. It will be aimed at helping you be the healthiest you can be and built on the foundation of a regular exercise program, which will make it an approach to life long health, fitness and performance not readily available anywhere else. Most holistic and or allied health centres are great but one that focusses on exercise as the foundation is unique and something we feel really strongly about.

All practitioners will operate independently as well and be available for individual consults according to your needs.