Bootcamp is a waste of time?

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I have always said, ‘doing something is better than nothing’ but if your goal is to lose body fat and ‘tone’ up (toning is a bit of a non word in my opinion – ask me personally if you want more of an explanation) then group fitness, bootcamp or what ever you like to call it is a waste of time –  if you don’t address your diet.

This is why I am putting together a group fitness and nutrition coaching program starting on October 22. It may be for you or someone you know because most people fall down badly in this area and waste so much of their hard work by not getting it right. Whilst it really is rather simple, it is not necessarily easy which is why it might be beneficial to work with the support of a group.

Check out this ground breaking program. By the time we start the program it will be about 8 weeks to Christmas….just saying!

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Your Lifestyle Has Consequences

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