There is a solution and whilst we will always tell you it is simple, you will agree it is certainly not easy at times. There is a brillant book that we recommend every fat loss client of ours read. It is called the Body fat solution by Tom Venuto. It is clearly written by someone who has both the theory and the practical absolutely down pat. He starts the book by dealing with the importance of goals and the mental approach required, smart man. We will harp on about that ad infinitum because verbal reinforcement can lead to implementation which leads to the holy grail, behaviour change and it all starts in the head.

Here is a link to the book, go to it and get hold of it any way you can. If I could get reselling writes I could be a rich man because it is the last word on the solution to body fat and you don’t need me to tell you there is a high need for the right information in this area of health.  

It is no quick fix but it will, if followed properly lead 100% to the result, guaranteed. Trust me, I know that he knows what he is talking about! 🙂