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The top 5 mental tricks to make exercise your life long habit….

Let’s face it. The reason we exist as a business is because people find it hard to get themselves to the point where regular exercise and […]

Len Arico talks mobility

One of our favourite clients and expert with the ‘dad’ joke, Len Arico chats about why he exercises. It’s not all about being ‘smashed’ by a […]

Useful Fitness

We help people create what I like to call ‘useful fitness’. What I mean by this is fitness that allows you to do things, physical things […]
small group training at Best Practice Bowen Hills studio

They don’t want you to come!

I was chatting with a client this morning and we got to talking about 24 hour gyms and how it never really worked for her. Now […]

Why Pete keeps training…


8 do anywhere (and do forever) exercises.

You know often keeping it simple, is the smartest way to go. You can try to do tricky exercises and join bootcamps and flog yourself in […]

You can’t store fitness…..

The perfect fitness program is……the one you do! You have probably heard me say that before but I would like to add something to that. “……only […]

10000 steps. Enough? Or Not Realistic?

I was generously given a step counting device (Neo Health) and a body composition analyser (Onyx) aka body fat% scales from the founder of Virtuagym, Hugo […]

Tao Nutrition interview with founder Michael talking ‘super foods’

We recently caught up with Tao Nutrition Co-founder Michael Perry to give us the low-down on superfoods. Let’s start at the beginning – what is a […]