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Why computrainer cycling at Best Practice Personal Training could save your life!

Firstly, you are wondering what is a ‘computrainer’? Great question! This video should clear that part up… Next you are wondering how it might save your […]

The power of pulling the trigger

No. I haven’t joined the National Rifle Association! There are enough gun toting….. ‘enthusiasts’ shall we say in the old US of A, without me adding […]

The Old Year’s Resolution…..

I thought I would pre-empt or post-empt the inevitable, both the New Year’s promises coming up and the New Year’s promises that didn’t happen. But in […]

Exercise and Christmas cheer can co-exist happily!

Here at Best Practice we get it. We understand that it is a crazy time of year with multiple events pulling at you every week. Often […]

Self determination. The holy grail…..

I watched a great video from an expert in the health and fitness field and he describes the behavioural journey from just starting out in fitness […]

Lifting weights. It’s for everyone!

We lose 2-3kg of muscle mass per decade if we don’t perform progressive resistance training. This has deleterious and profoundly negative effects on health and function. […]

The Perfect Exercise Program

I know you will be starting to read this with big expectations. I mean the word ‘Perfect’ is going to grab your attention every time. But […]

Jenene Spencer talks balance and undies!


Roger Jones tell us what’s special about us :)