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What’s it going to take?

Life just goes and goes! I remember seeing a cartoon showing a normal looking young woman sitting in front of the t.v. with the remote in her hand saying “I’ll watch just one more show and I’ll start the exercise program tomorrow”. The second cartoon showed the same woman, but older and decidedly less healthy looking saying the same thing with the remote poised “Just one more show and I’ll……” What is it going to take to get you moving NOW! Tomorrow never comes. What rocket do you need lit under you before action? Sorry for the brutality but I hate it when someone comes in after 20 years of neglect and abuse and expects all the years of unhealthy eating and drinking to be reversed with a 12 week quick fix boot camp.  Just two things on that. There are no quick fixes and prevention is WAY easier than cure. Believe me.

AG’s May 09 newsletter (minor) rant

Hey folks, bit of reverse this time. Only for the truly dedicated to read my stuff here at the end.  So If any of you get to this section after the others I am truly flattered and surprised. We are just so busy busy busy  these days. I feel rushed even writing that. I need to slow down and and and and just…..breathe. Perhaps you do too? Here’s a suggestion. Why not try to be less efficient this week? What??? I hear you scream. What are you saying??? What do you mean??? Are you crazy???? Time is running out we have to hurry hurry HURRY! I know it sounds mad in this world of time management, time chunking and go hard, but sometimes, the slow way is the fast way. If you find yourself answering emails, whilst you have someone on hold on your mobile and MSN messenger is pinging an alert of an incoming message and your boss is giving you the hurry-on to the next seemingly endless meeting then perhaps you are hearing what I am saying. Why not try doing just one thing well and completing it, then take a deep breath and SLOOOOOW down and pat yourself on the back. Smell the roses and remember that sometimes the step back and the taking in of the big view can reveal vital things you have been missing all along. P.S. Please stay patient on the log on website portal. It is coming. I think the guys I am dealing with have read my slow down mantra above. Just gotta breathe I […]

Don’t know your numbers at your own peril…

How many calories you need to maintain your weight? If your weight hasn’t changed and you have been doing both cardiovascular training and strength work then I am guessing you most certainly do know although you mightn’t be able to put an actual number to it. If you are not so fortunate here is the plan. Buy the following items and do the following things because this exercise will have a huge impact on your results: Buy a calorie counter book or register on a website the Buy a set of food scales and a note book (or use an excel spreadsheet). Start recording everything you eat, both type, size, quantity or information direct from the packet (hopefully not too many of these!). Add up what you are currently consuming over 7 days and divide by 7 for a daily figure. E.g. 2200 calories Then you must determine your Base Metabolic Rate which is the amount of energy your body requires just to exist at bed rest. This can be done two ways: Using the Harris Benedict equation or have it measured directly (we can now do this and will tell you more about this in due course). Unfortunately the estimate for the HB equation can be ‘out’ significantly but it is better than not knowing it all. To this figure which may be 1200 calories for an average size person you must add the estimate of all your daily activity. If the BMR and the daily activity figure are below your daily intake you are in weight gain mode […]

Why we what we do

Mystery woman still impresses…… There is no doubt we respect our clients because investing hard earned money in something which hurts (at times only!) both physically and financially takes high level thinking. Once in a while though one comes along who  really really really ‘get’s it’. I have mentioned this cleint before before but she just keeps impressing us. Make no mistake that big results are going to take big consistent action. This client I am referring too has done just that. Even from the very start with a significant number of challenges this client has taken the required action, e.g. an injured ankle was holding her back from doing weight bearing exercise. So this client saw our recommended physio and dealt with it. Then she needed some serious assistance with nutrition and so she saw our nutritional medicine practitioner and was diagnosed coeliac. Whilst this seemed like bad news at the time the diagnosis was the first necessary step forward. She has been going at it now for 18 months and has achieved some serious results. Try this. 40kg gone! She has been weight training all the time so you can be pretty confident that this is mostly body fat. Wow, what an achievement. If you spoke to her she would tell you that it hasn’t been easy, far from it but satisfying? Yes. Life changing? A big yes to that. Recently she injured her hip when she came off her bike. Her response: “I’m swimming”  That folks is the right stuff. We have nothing but respect! And THAT is why we do what we […]

Best Practice in a sentence

Best practice living provides proven health, fitness and performance coaching programs to local people and businesses that change lives for the better within 12 months….guaranteed!

Welcome to Gattaca folks

How are your genes fitting?   In an increasingly fitness and health conscious society the desire to fit well in to that old pair of jeans can now be fine-tuned and individualised right down to your DNA. We’ve come a long way from the one size fits all routines of the past and have to come accept the sense of investing in hiring an expert to mould a program to our specific needs. When your body is not responding the way it ‘should’ then maybe it is time go one step further and ask specific questions about your own body that science can answer and your local health professional can use intelligently.   It seems that it was some time ago that the human genome project was completed and now finally practical information is starting to filter through. For example, wouldn’t it be nice to know how your body metabolises fat and therefore how successful a standard cardio program might be in helping you achieve the result you are looking for. Or, wouldn’t it be good to know what, if any, supplements are likely to be helping you or are in fact might be a waste of money based on your very own genetic make-up.   A new simple cheek swab test can reveal the ‘hard wired’ functions of your body at the cellular level, thus arming your trainer with a blue print on how to deal specifically with you and give you the best chance of success. The excelgene test, by gene-elite reveals information on 16 different genes in […]

Are you out of time?

TIME CRUNCH in the 21st century. We are living in a time in history that could be considered the most exciting period to date. Never before has it been easier to experience so much in such a small section of time. But how do we allocate our time so we get the most out of our exercise allocation because we all know how that is a priority! Right? So what is the most efficient path to finely tune that bod, so you can give those 100 (or more) things that you should be doing before you die, a good crack? Let’s face it, the fitter you are, the more likely you are to enjoy the time you have on this fast moving planet anyway. Here are the top 6 things you should do, to be able to live that life you have dreamed of. Pay attention to the order in which you should do them too because that matters! 1.       Clear with your doc that you are ready to get things moving safely 2.       Eat well, live by the adage if it came out of a packet it is crap and should be avoided 3.       Lift weights, muscle not only looks good it is good for you 4.       Do short intense (relative to where you are at) aerobic/anaerobic sessions – it will boost the feel good chemicals in your  body and your metabolism, kind of like upgrading from a Mini to a  V8, which in this instance is a good thing! 5.       Drink plenty of the clear stuff and I […]

Toughen up soldier

Crying like a little girrrrl? If you have ever seen the moving wedding crashers you will, right now have the image of Owen Wilson denying that he was crying like a little girl, in your head right now. Once you get through the mirth associated with that particular scene and hopefully you are smiling, let’s get to the whinging and whining! There can be no doubt we are in tough times, but will you cry like a little girl or take action? The choice is definitely yours. It is true there is a lot happening at the moment which is out our control but how we respond is not. If I told you the story of someone who had invested in a very expensive piece of machinery, which their business absolutely depended and that, in attempt to ‘save’ money neglected regular maintenance, you would say that person was being short sighted. The thing that most of us are lucky to have, which we absolutely depend on and now more than ever, is the healthy functioning of our body and mind. That is what is going to get us through every time. As trainers we deal with all types and nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing our clients rise to the challenge. This attitude of ‘toughing it out’ in a session is something which can and usually does permeate all areas of life. The exercise habit is not a luxury or the actions of the crazy ‘fitness fanatic’ it is the only common sense approach to employ because you can […]

Australia is the winner??

Are we really the fattest nation in the world? It is hard to believe the recent findings of health researchers that Australia has overtaken the US in  obesity numbers, in the race that no one wants to win. It is especially hard to believe when you see the record crowds turning out for events like the upcoming Great Brisbane Bike Ride. Perhaps it was the wake-up call we needed and people are finally taking heed of the dire warnings issued about the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. As is often the case, the coming of Spring sparked the movement and action missing, in what was a pretty cold Winter by Queensland standards. As the owner of a fitness, health and performance enhancement business it is not unusual to see a spike in interest in getting help, as the warmer weather kicks back in. The converse is true, as Winter approaches now. People tend to hibernate which is a pretty strange concept as we have some of the most temperate and generally agreed upon, ‘best’ winter weather on the planet. Our advice, as we move out of the hotter months is ‘use’ it to enjoy moving outdoors in optimal exercising weather. Whatever your motivator, it is wise to use it while you can because the hardest part is overcoming the grinding inertia of an extended period of inactivity. The trick is to traverse the path of behaviour-change leading to the point where exercise is as indispensable to your daily ritual, as is cleaning your teeth. It is only when you get […]