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What’s it going to take?

Life just goes and goes! I remember seeing a cartoon showing a normal looking young woman sitting in front of the t.v. with the remote in […]

AG’s May 09 newsletter (minor) rant

Hey folks, bit of reverse this time. Only for the truly dedicated to read my stuff here at the end.  So If any of you get […]

Don’t know your numbers at your own peril…

How many calories you need to maintain your weight? If your weight hasn’t changed and you have been doing both cardiovascular training and strength work then […]

Why we what we do

Mystery woman still impresses…… There is no doubt we respect our clients because investing hard earned money in something which hurts (at times only!) both physically and financially […]

Best Practice in a sentence

Best practice living provides proven health, fitness and performance coaching programs to local people and businesses that change lives for the better within 12 months….guaranteed!

Welcome to Gattaca folks

How are your genes fitting?   In an increasingly fitness and health conscious society the desire to fit well in to that old pair of jeans […]

Are you out of time?

TIME CRUNCH in the 21st century. We are living in a time in history that could be considered the most exciting period to date. Never before […]

Toughen up soldier

Crying like a little girrrrl? If you have ever seen the moving wedding crashers you will, right now have the image of Owen Wilson denying that […]

Australia is the winner??

Are we really the fattest nation in the world? It is hard to believe the recent findings of health researchers that Australia has overtaken the US […]