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Pilates by Moonlight!

Due to the overwhelming response to our 15 week course on Thursday and Saturday mornings we are adding in a THIRD session for the week and this […]

Great Abs, Killer Thighs! You this summer?

Who else wants to blast those thighs, flatten that stomach and get in great shape? Well hopefully we have got your attention from our American style […]

Planning – the astonishing new tactic for fitness success!

Okay so a bit of tongue in cheek to start the ball rolling with this one. It is not earth shattering news to know that planning […]

Leaving no stone unturned

Jeames and myself just got back from a conference for fitness professionals in Melbourne on the weekend and I wanted to share with you some of […]

Aerobic versus anaerobic training?

These are two words you would have almost certainly come across in fitness and health vernacular. But what does it mean? When I hear the word […]

Don’t break the chain!

I was reading an article from a business associate of mine and came across a little article about Jerry Seinfeld of all people and the key […]

You’re kidding me!

I was reading BRW recently and had the above reaction! “Sawell was not overweight and his friends considered him the least likely person to have a […]

Anatomy of a Big Mac

Just so you know……. Nutrition (and I use that word, very loosely!) Facts Serving Size 1 sandwich (215.0 g) Amount Per Serving 576 Calories which equals […]

Mould your brain

Are you tired of self help gurus like Anthony Robbins shouting at you to awaken the giant within or guys like the ever happy Martin Seligman […]