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Christmas client appreciation event

That’s not me, just an idea perhaps? It’s on! RETRO style christmas party of 2009. I had to get the leather pants in there somehow! Remember it is not about how you look but how you feel and if you feel good in platform shoes, flared pants and beads then be my guest! You have an open ticket here so dig deep in to your wardrobe and see what crazy stuff you can come up with. We want you there and we want to be laughing!!! I know you will be laughing at myself, Jimmy, Nicole, Matt and Ericka! 🙂 Date: Saturday December 19     Time: 7:00pm    Theme: RETRO    Location: The Valley Pool RSVP: December 11        *Drinks and nibblies will be provided. There will be special awards for best dressed and a few fun awards to go in hand as well.

Nutrition coaching seminar for you November 30

Monday, November 30 in the Small Group Training room. 7.30pm. Bring friends and family or anyone interested in learning some handy hints going in to the danger zone. This is going to be the first of our monthly nutrition education series. Better late than never!! This was indeed one of our goals for 2009!!! We have always wanted to give better service in this direction and have got our act together…. finally. This seminar will be presented by myself and Jimmy and will be entitled, Fending off the Festive Season Minefields! We will be covering amongst other things, useful information on how to deal with the attack of the ‘friendly’ alcoholic neighbours, the mind numbingly boring work function (ours will be nothing like that!) and how not to eat a weeks worth of calories at the dessert table. It will fun, stupidly entertaining but rest assured useful! Sign up now below as we do have limited space –

Tight pants and measurer error?

 Week 6 in the challenge: Half way and I might be in trouble!  I got 5 sessions last week and with the introduction of being ‘allowed’ to drink may have hit a bit of road bump on Melbournec Cup day. Such is life . One day doesn’t ruin a whole program but can certainly undermine results for one week.  Okay so back in to it and I know that my body says I just need to go harder. Craig had a similar result with little movement last week even after a solid week of training and minimal alcohol but perhaps not optimal eating. Michelle made some small progress with her usual training regime but had some respiratory virus challenges.  She has selected her ‘leather pants’ which is a size 12 dress and Craig still has his sights set on ‘abs!’ More photos coming soon! Stay tuned. Go to the main page to check out the latest measurements in the table but listen below to Jimmy’s take on things below first.

Quick leather pants update

2/11/09 5 workouts last week, 2 runs X 30 mins and 3 weight sessions X 30 mins. No alcohol Diet – not bad, not great Result? See the table below for mine. As for the rest of the team: Michelle has hit the lowest ever on our scales. I know that scales aren’t everything but nevertheless it is wise to measure on a weekly basis under consistent circumstances. Well done M. Craig, with 2 weeks of no alcohol dropped a whopping 3 cms around the waist! I will try not to let you down next week gang or these pants are going to need to be taken out. In an attempt to spark it up a bit – No coffee and no chocolate in November for me. Let’s see what that does? If you knew how much I look forward to my morning coffee you would know that this isn’t going to be heaps of fun. Oh well, the things we do in the name of leather! You know it would be easy to get a bit discouraged here but the body works in mysterious ways at times and sometimes it needs more of a shock to get things moving not to mention CONSISTENCY and progressive overload. You just have to keep your head in the right place here folks and hold on to your lattes! Week # Body Weight (kg) Waist measure (cm) Mid Ab Skinfold (mm) 1 75.6 85.6 21.2 2 74.9 84.9 21.2 3 74.7 84.7 20.8 4 73.8 83.9 18.5 5 2/11/09 75.1 84.2 18.2 6 […]

I am not alone in the leather pants….challenge!

Thanks to Craig and Michelle. I am not alone in the leather pants challenge. Who’s next? Any challenge is good! You can link back to the whole story and on there are the measurements for the week Craig Roberts and Michelle Leversedge have decided to go public. When asked what Craig’s goal was he said, “that’s simple, one word ‘Abs!'” He has come a long way and for the full story on his result so far and his motivation for change click below. He was definitely in it for how it made him feel and this new goal represents stage 2 on the journey. Click here for some before and afters of Craig thus far: craig-roberts-jan-09-to-august-09-version-21 As for Michelle, she has just done amazing stuff. Click the attachment for her stunning results. Her new goals and her public challenge is taking her a step further and increasing the focus on her own personal ultimate result. michelle-1-pager Please understand this. We all have different motivations for ‘getting fit’. We believe here at Best Practice that it really is all about how you feel and if the visual is a motivator then USE it. In the end it is about being happy with who you are and comfortable in your own skin. Do the best you can and you can never lose with this.

What is this leather pants thing about anyway?

It’s the journey that counts not the destination and just like a Pilot you need to have up to date information and make adjustments where necessary to arrive safely. Find out why I started this thing and click through to see how the week went and if I have suddenly dropped the 5-9cm to be oh so snug in my 1980’s fashion statement –

Reminder: September activity statement – ‘how did you go?’

If you haven’t already done so please let us know how you went last month.

leather pants, male cougars, embarrassment plus!

You will have to go to the link to see entry 2 on the journey. At the end of all this will be a soundtrack, a short youtube movie capturing the whole 12 weeks in 30 seconds and either jubilation (well maybe just a feeling of relief) or unending shame! I question what I am doing sometimes……

The numbers don’t add up!

This is high quality research you need to read. None of it surprising I guess but the message can’t be emphasised enough in my opinion. “Prior to the study, the researchers assumed that people were in general over-eating by about 100 calories a day, however, the results were far more alarming – it was found that between 350 – 500 extra calories a day more than is needed is being consumed by many. In real terms this means says Rush that children would have to cut their intake by about 350 calories a day – equal to one can of fizzy drink and a small chocolate bar, and adults 500 calories – the equivalent of a large burger. Professor Rush says in today’s society, walking an extra two, to two-and-a-half hours a day to burn off the extra calories, is not really an option and we need to be realistic about what physical activity alone can achieve. Thanks Professor and good work! Now think twice before throwing in that seemingly innocuous and innocent little, teeny chocolate bar. Remember it is no surprise that a guy survived for weeks on a Mars bar in freezing conditions. Nutrient dense, energy sparse is what we are after folks. Not the other way around! Unless you are stuck on a mountain with no help in site for 2 weeks.  Professor Rush says the study shows that in order to influence the underlying drivers of obesity we should be looking more to the ‘energy in’ side than the physical activity side as over-eating or eating highly […]