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Nutrition coaching seminar for you November 30

Monday, November 30 in the Small Group Training room. 7.30pm. Bring friends and family or anyone interested in learning some handy hints going in to the danger […]

Tight pants and measurer error?

 Week 6 in the challenge: Half way and I might be in trouble!  I got 5 sessions last week and with the introduction of being ‘allowed’ […]

Quick leather pants update

2/11/09 5 workouts last week, 2 runs X 30 mins and 3 weight sessions X 30 mins. No alcohol Diet – not bad, not great Result? […]

I am not alone in the leather pants….challenge!

Thanks to Craig and Michelle. I am not alone in the leather pants challenge. Who’s next? Any challenge is good! You can link back to the […]

What is this leather pants thing about anyway?

It’s the journey that counts not the destination and just like a Pilot you need to have up to date information and make adjustments where necessary […]

Reminder: September activity statement – ‘how did you go?’

If you haven’t already done so please let us know how you went last month.

leather pants, male cougars, embarrassment plus!

You will have to go to the link to see entry 2 on the journey. At the end of all this will be a soundtrack, a […]

The numbers don’t add up!

This is high quality research you need to read. None of it surprising I guess but the message can’t be emphasised enough in my opinion. “Prior […]

Glory days and leather pants…

Hi all. Go to this link to find out what I mean by this. Who knows? You might laugh, cry or even be inspired. If […]