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What will “move” you enough to make you move?

I find myself writing more and more about motivation. I guess it is because I see a lot of people who talk about wanting to be fit, healthy and or strong, but never quite seem to take the step to get started. Sometimes literally years go by and even decades and sadly a whole life-time for some. It is perplexing and a little frustrating to be honest, but I definitely get that exercising regularly can be hard and eating well, certainly not as easy as buying take away every day. Perhaps it comes down to the ability to dwell on cause and effect. You know, actually feeling the consequences of our actions and the likely end point of those set of behaviours. If you can do that on an intellectual level and then importantly emotional, I am sure the inner drive to start your exercise program will burst forth. We find that when people start exercising they naturally start to eat better and a cascade of other positive things flow as life just gets better. I have always said that we help people think, eat and move better, and in that order. I now believe it should probably just start with movement because the rest usually follows automatically. I realise the Nike catch cry doesn’t work for all though, which is why I am writing this article. Perhaps the thinking that goes with reading this, will end in you taking action (should you be one who needs it and apparently there is a 1 in 4 chance according to WHO, […]

5 things successful life-time exercisers do….

5 things successful “life-time” exercisers do… The goal we have for all those who come in to contact with us for help, is to assist them in becoming life time converts to the regular exercise gig. We also aim at helping them improve overall health but today let’s talk habits of the chosen few, who have made their fall back position, a good solid workout. Just to be clear, when I say “solid”, I don’t mean punishing or exhausting, I mean purposeful, effective and appropriate. This brings me to the start of my list. No. 1 They listen to and are fully attuned to their body. They know when to push out a more intense session and when to bring it back a little and just enjoy the act of doing something active, even if it is the gentle movement of Tai Chi or a leisurely stroll. No. 2 They know how to choose what works for their own specific limitations. For example, I have successful clients who know that running is not their thing after many damaging footy games in their younger years. They have learned how to get a good cardiovascular workout in the pool or riding a bike. No. 3 They tap in to a known habit from another area in their life, that ensures they keep on with the regular exercise routine. For example, I have very busy and structured executives who would never miss a business appointment because it would be unprofessional. They use this ingrained behaviour pattern for their own appointments with themselves in […]

5 tips to healthier eating on a day to day basis

5 tips to healthier eating on a day to day basis It is a confusing world sometimes when it comes to knowing what is healthy to eat. Every time you turn around there seems to be another diet promising the answer to ‘melting’ tummy fat or ‘torching’ five kilos of unwanted body fat fast! Let’s forget the sensationalism and keep it simple. Top tip no. 1 There is no doubt we live in fast moving times and it can be difficult to hit the pause button but eating slowly will allow your body’s natural ability to pick up the signals of fullness. This signal is what tells you that you have had enough. Top tip no. 2 Don’t be scared of fat, well at least not healthy fats. What are healthy fats? Think olive oil, avocadoes, nuts, seeds and cold water fish, like sardines and salmon. If you have been on a typical Western diet, a simple step in choosing these foods more often will be a big positive. Top tip no. 3 Don’t be scared of ‘carbs’ either. At least not the complex, high fibre type – e.g. fruit, starchy vegetables, whole grain foods like spelt, brown rice and quinoa for example (the last one is possibly more protein than carbs but we are getting nit picky now). If you equate carbs with white bread, milk chocolate, coca-cola, orange juice then you are right to be a little apprehensive if not truly afraid! The issue with those kind of carbohydrates is that the body cannot easily detect when you […]

The fittest I have been in years and why I do what I do….

Okay I didn’t want to make this blog all about me but felt that sometimes there are lessons from what others experience that can help you personally either via inspiration or a relate-ability perspective. I make no apologies for the image accompanying this blog, as it may seem a little incongruent. I would be interested what it signifies for you? For me it screams the end of Winter, health, vibrancy and adventures ahead. But that’s just me. You may or may not know, but I have been on a pretty massive health drive, primarily for fertility purposes (but also because I like to experiment a bit on myself) and with the added side effect of extreme health! So not all bad. I am cutting out sugar and sweet stuff (all types – but to be honest am cheating very occasionally with the odd blueberry and strawberry. You know you are eating well when ”cheating” is eating fruit! It’s a long story but know that I don’t recommend not eating fruit in general at all), but eating a lot of healthy fats, stacks of vegetables, targeted supplements and of course a heap of quality protein. I have been running at least 3 times a week and sometimes 4 or 5 exercise sessions in total each week, in my quest to do a PB at the upcoming Bridge to Brisbane. It is amazing how good you can feel from pushing yourself a bit. I reckon I am as fit as I have been since I was about 40, maybe younger. Just yesterday […]
Small Group Training- Rowing

The 7 best things about aerobic fitness training

So my last post was about the fantastic benefits of strength training. Now for the second big one from the recommendations made by one of the leading authorities on all things health and fitness, the ACSM, aerobic or cardiovascular or endurance training. If you read a lot of stuff these days on the internet you could be forgiven for thinking that aerobic training is not only not necessary but destructive to your health. Now please!? Really? It always makes a great headline and certainly got me to click on it. There is something so very appealing about the outrageous headline that hits you square in the face and questions everything you thought to be true. But let’s just get back to common sense folks and know that large muscle group training doing rhythmic activities that require large muscle groups and considerable respiration is in fact a healthy thing for the average Jo cleared by his doctor for this kind of exercise. It is also the reason why we offer small group training predominantly focussed on aerobic fitness. Check out our new schedule here. For starters though, lets just assume we are talking about the same thing when we speak about aerobic or cardiovascular training or endurance based workouts. Sure you can argue the finer points and how they refer to different things but for now let’s just put them in the same category as things referring to ”getting fitter”. There can be no argument that we would all like to be fit? Great, something the crazy headline grabbers can nod […]

5 simple ways to improve your mood this Winter

When it is cold, dark and rainy, it can be hard to stay up mentally. Granted, we don’t have weather like this often (hence the featured image!) and don’t have to deal with it as Brisbane Personal Trainers, here in Queensland (thank God!), it is still worth a chat because SAD is a real thing that can happen in fact, anywhere. Yes Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is more common in the cold climates of the Northern Hemisphere for sure,  but the fact that we get so spoilt for beautiful weather here, means we are probably more sensitive and therefore more likely to go in to a bit of a tail spin when the sun goes behind a cloud led alone when it rains and stays dark and gloomy for weeks on end! I know that I fall in to the low tolerance category that is for sure. I think it all stems back to the time on how bad I perceived it was, when I lived on my boat and it rained in Sydney (the old girl leaked like a sieve, had no real heating and I had to row out to it as it was on a mooring). At this time of my life I earned 100% of my living from coaching tennis which also required good weather. So it was basically a lose, lose, lose situation – cold, wet, and no money! No wonder I got a bit down when the clouds came rolling in and the heavens opened up. Okay I don’t want to make light of depression […]

Top 5 big benefits of regular strength training

As you know I am a big fan of the aerobic workout. I like cycling, running, swimming, kickbiking, paddling, surfing and walking. These are all great things to do and I say keep doing them. But if you are not strength training regularly you are losing muscle mass by the year and the end result of that is not being able to get out of your chair with out grabbing on to something. This day is coming even for those dedicated triathletes and runners. So, if you haven’t got yourself in to a routine with strength training yet, the time is now! Science has shown that we lose 3-5kg of muscle mass per decade so just do the sums if you are 40 or 50. The picture is not going to look so good even if your actually weight is still the same as when you were 20. So be careful how much patting yourself on the back you do unless there is a resistance as you do it! Here are the big 5 scientifically proven benefits of strength training. If you are free thinking person this stuff just makes sense. You just have to learn how to get yourself in to the habit of doing it. If you need help with learning safe technique, being held accountable so you make to the hallowed ground of habit and understanding what a good strength session looks like, we are here as Brisbane based personal trainers and online fitness coaching experts to help. Number 1 big benefit: HOLD ON TO WHAT YOU […]

What is the best fish oil and do we really need to supplement it anyway?

This is a big confusing subject so hold on to your scientific hats! Everyone seems to be in agreement that we need more Omega 3 in our diets. Not too much argument there. For the non-scientific of us, there are many clues that consuming a diet high in Omega 3’s is a good thing when you look at cultures that have that versus cultures that haven’t The very best examples of those that do have it, include the Okinawans in Japan, reputed to have perhaps the healthiest diet on the planet if longevity and quality life can be a barometer. Then we have the people of the Mediterranean region, who balance out their high saturated fat intake with plenty of Omega 3’s and thus have a low incidence of heart disease. You just need to look at the rates of disease in general and other inflammatory illness in countries like the US and Australia to think that perhaps they are doing something right and we are doing something very wrong. SO WHAT IS OMEGA 3 & WHAT DOES IT DO? Omega 3 fatty acids cannot be produced in the body and therefore must be consumed. They are known as essential nutrients for health because they are related to so many important processes. Two of the most important Omega 3’s are the long chain fatty acid eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). All cells in the body are surrounded by a fatty membrane, which regulate messages in and out and these two unprounouncables help that. If the membrane is healthy then […]

My 3 month challenge. No caffeine, no alcohol, no added sugar, gluten free…..

You have probably read this headline and said, “kill me now!” This is not going to be some tale of this Brisbane Personal Trainer being holier than thou either btw, but I can tell you that walking away from a party wanting only to wee myself silly because of all the soda water (and not beer) I drank does give a sense of slightly  ‘justified’ superiority because your mind, is so just so damn clear….if nothing else. Well, no there really is something else and I want to talk about that today. And look before I start ranting about how hard this has been and woe is me, let me just give a minutes silence for a mate of mine who has been alcohol free for the past 3 years – Good on you Damo who did the amazing Jog out of Fog and ran from Brisbane to Sydney to raise money for Cambodia Vision. I don’t imagine this has always been easy for him even though he now looks like someone who never drank in his life. He is also caffeine and gluten free I believe, but not so sure about the sugar. The upshot of it is, that he is the ultimate picture of health compared to how he used to be and he is the happiest I have seen him and I mean genuinely happy, not the temporary ‘happy’ you get from a couple of schooners. This blog is about my journey with a diet approach that does not come naturally, but is having some unexpected benefits. […]