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I’ll have what she’s having!

Most of you probably remember this classic line from the movie, When Harry met Sally. Don’t underestimate the power of modelling: the example you see makes you want to be like that, especially if it looks good! As most parents end up realising it doesn’t really matter at all what you say it is what you do in the end that counts and it is what kids will copy. The message this week to find from someone around you that is doing the job and start mimicking. It is a brain physiology fact that we work better with images and the richer the detail the better. Perhaps you are reading this and think, ‘well you know I am doing pretty well’. If that is you great! Be the object of inspiration. You may have received an email with an offer to your friends and family. I encourage you to encourage them to make a commitment and get moving. Why wait? Life is happening now whether you think it is or not. We all know that once you can get that boulder moving it builds a life and a force of it’s own that can smash through big barriers. We have had the privilege this year of witnessing plenty of that!

Did you know…..?

What is 100 extra calories per day going to do to me anyway? Well the answer might shock you. If you consume just 100 extra calories per day to what your body needs given your current level of expenditure it would take just over 3 years to put on 20 kg! So even if it is only 50 calories per day you will be 20kg heavier 6 years. 100 calories is not even a capucino! So the message? Little bits often, count……alot. We just looked at the intake side. Consider what little changes to your current activity level could do to balance out the scales. Park your car further from the shops, change the channel by getting up (chuck away the remote…even better chuck away the whole tv set!), walk as much as you can when you are shopping by not taking the escalator etc. Again, a little bit often….. helps a lot! The basic message is that you need an awareness of what your body needs to maintain it’s current weight. If you believe you need to drop some weight (read: body fat) then you need to create a deficit between what goes in and what goes out. It is really not rocket science folks. First you need awareness of some numbers and second you need a plan to achieve what you are looking for and of course, third you need to do it! Exercise is MOVE, Nutrition is EAT, Goals is THINK. That is what we are about.

It’s too hot for leather…

Hi folks, watch the video for the latest instalment but something I didn’t mention in it was this. Last week was a bit of a disaster due to an injury whilst trying to do more than I was ready in my chin ups. I paid the price for not practicing what I preach re regular massage and I perhaps progressed the increase in load a bit too quickly. But this training thing whilst a science does have a bit of art to it as well. I have a plan going forward because that is the name of the game, learn and adjust. I have attached a link to a description of my diet today and pretty much what I am aiming for the next few weeks using our new nutrition coaching software. Enjoy folks!   ags-1-day-meal-plan-2000-cal ags-nutrient-summary-november-09

Your regular fitness benchmark is coming

Next year we will be offering you the opportunity to measure your progress with  Fitness Test week. In the last week of every quarter, instead of the regular group training sessions we will be doing benchmarking of where you are at. You will have a choice of being tested on cycling, swimming, running, rowing, push ups, chin ups and or measurements of waist, hips and the skinfold of your choice. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? We figure that you need to know how you are going a little more regularly. You can’t improve what you don’t measure!

Keep supple my friends!

It is an unfortunate fact that unless you either stretch, massage or do some form of myofascial release (more on what that means further on) you will get an injury. When you exercise you are using muscles repetitively and whilst this is a very good thing to do, they do get tighter and with out preventative maintenance, will ultimately  lead to dysfunction. My advice is to stretch after all sessions to keep up the range of motion if nothing else. There is a bit of academic controversy as to whether stretching really prevents injury. My instincts say ‘it can’t hurt’ because it does actually feel good to do and yogis for centuries can’t be all wrong! Secondly,  get regular massage. Who is going to argue with this one? I made the classic mistake myself recently of letting it go too long with out one and payed the price and had my   leather pants program interrupted (not happy!). Thirdly I am going to recommend the foam roller as a form of self massage and classic preventative care.  This funky device has been used by phyisotherapists for some time and is a tool everyone should use in some capacity, to maintain the suppleness of their body. We will be running a short course in how to use these things effectively in the new year. I strongly encourage you to get one and then use it! We have them in stock.

Reminder: Nutritional Seminar 30th November

Monday, November 30 in the Small Group Training room. 7.30pm. Bring friends and family or anyone interested in learning some handy hints going in to the danger zone. This is going to be the first of our monthly nutrition education series. Better late than never!! This was indeed one of our goals for 2009!!! We have always wanted to give better service in this direction and have got our act together…. finally. This seminar will be presented by myself and Jimmy and will be entitled, Fending off the Festive Season Minefields! We will be covering amongst other things, useful information on how to deal with the attack of the ‘friendly’ alcoholic neighbours, the mind numbingly boring work function (ours will be nothing like that!) and how not to eat a weeks worth of calories at the dessert table. It will fun, stupidly entertaining but rest assured useful! Sign up now below as we do have limited space –

Apple Vs Doughnut

I came across this article during my readings the other day…. whilst keeping track of your calories is important, it demonstrates the importance of nutritional value. Enjoy!! Apple Vs Doughnut By Paul Taylor  The apple, contains water (about 80%), carbohydrate (15%, mainly fructose with some dietary fibre) and a small amount of protein (5% or less) releasing the nutrients contained in the apple. The body uses up energy and nutrients to complete the digestion process, but it is rewarded with an abundance of nutrients from the apple. Firstly, there are amino acids from the protein, which are sent to a pool from which individual cells can access in order to repair themselves and communicate with other cells. Next, we have energy released from the carbohydrate, which goes to fuel our muscles, nervous system and brain. Because most of the sugar is fructose, it is stored in the liver until it is needed, helping blood sugar to remain relatively steady. The humble apple also contains an abundance of nutrients for the body. Just under the skin lies half of the Vitamin C content of the apple. It also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, Vitamin A and a healthy dose of potassium. In addition to those, the skin contains a compound called quercetin, a powerful antioxidant that reduces cardiovascular risk. If that wasn’t enough, the flavonoids and phytochemicals that it contains seem to help fight against cancer. Finally, the skin contains lots of fiber, which helps to improve bowel function and reduced cholesterol absorption. The doughnut, however, is a different proposition altogether. It is […]

Results aren’t boring I went to a ‘wealth’ creation seminar and remember hearing a lot of interesting stuff but one comment stood out – “making money is boring”. The speaker went on to explain that creating wealth requires using a tried and true ‘system’ and that the application of that system could be considered quite boring. I suppose that might be true, I am not wealthy (not in dollar terms but in other ways I most certainly feel that I am) but most people would say having a lot of money is definitely not boring, i.e. the result is worth it.  So I got to thinking about the most dedicated athletes and how they train and the results they get. If you saw how professional athletes preparing for the olympics train, you would see them heavily involved in a  ‘routine’ or a system that they methodically apply. And this is indeed a universal truth in achieving major goals. You have to apply a tried and true system to the task. Both Craig and Michelle who have joined me in the leather pants challenge have applied themselves in this way.  I am not sure that they would say it is ‘boring’ exactly but it is certainly a routine. This is why achieving results with a random approach is so difficult. You just have to ask yourself the question what are you prepared to do to get the result. Now I am not saying that you have to commit to drudgery for the rest of your life to maintain a high level of health and vitality. What I […]

Christmas client appreciation event

That’s not me, just an idea perhaps? It’s on! RETRO style christmas party of 2009. I had to get the leather pants in there somehow! Remember it is not about how you look but how you feel and if you feel good in platform shoes, flared pants and beads then be my guest! You have an open ticket here so dig deep in to your wardrobe and see what crazy stuff you can come up with. We want you there and we want to be laughing!!! I know you will be laughing at myself, Jimmy, Nicole, Matt and Ericka! 🙂 Date: Saturday December 19     Time: 7:00pm    Theme: RETRO    Location: The Valley Pool RSVP: December 11        *Drinks and nibblies will be provided. There will be special awards for best dressed and a few fun awards to go in hand as well.