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I’ll have what she’s having!

Most of you probably remember this classic line from the movie, When Harry met Sally. Don’t underestimate the power of modelling: the example you see makes […]

Did you know…..?

What is 100 extra calories per day going to do to me anyway? Well the answer might shock you. If you consume just 100 extra calories […]

It’s too hot for leather…

Hi folks, watch the video for the latest instalment but something I didn’t mention in it was this. Last week was a bit of a disaster […]

Your regular fitness benchmark is coming

Next year we will be offering you the opportunity to measure your progress with  Fitness Test week. In the last week of every quarter, instead of […]

Keep supple my friends!

It is an unfortunate fact that unless you either stretch, massage or do some form of myofascial release (more on what that means further on) you […]

Reminder: Nutritional Seminar 30th November

Monday, November 30 in the Small Group Training room. 7.30pm. Bring friends and family or anyone interested in learning some handy hints going in to the danger […]

Apple Vs Doughnut

I came across this article during my readings the other day…. whilst keeping track of your calories is important, it demonstrates the importance of nutritional value. […]

Results aren’t boring I went to a ‘wealth’ creation seminar and remember hearing a lot of interesting stuff but one comment stood out – “making money is boring”. The […]

Christmas client appreciation event

That’s not me, just an idea perhaps? It’s on! RETRO style christmas party of 2009. I had to get the leather pants in there somehow! Remember […]