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Count down for success

I just wanted to share a goal setting methodology I am using this year. I figure that 2 strength training sessions, at least 2 cardio type […]

Energy up!

I visited my parents in Sydney over Christmas and the New Year and it got me thinking about life and it’s meaning. They are both in […]

ADVENTURE TREK – Milford Sound

If you are a client of Best Practice you would be well aware that we focus on the fact that you have to be able to translate […]

Welcome to 2010

Well I hope you all had a great break, got a chance to recharge the batteries and you survived the festive season in a little drier place than the so […]

leather no more

It was all a big ruse! Do you think I really wanted to get back in to my leather pants?? I obviously didn’t believe it but […]

leather pants, engagements and an emotional connection

You know one of the most important things about setting a goal is a strong emotional connection with the result. Perhaps I needed to pick a […]

Hunger Hormones

Ever blamed your hormones for what you ate??? Whilst we could go into great detail in this area, I wont bore you with a physiology lesson. […]

Drinks anyone?

We all know that this time of year gets a little crazy. Every which way you look you are being invited to Christmas functions where the […]

The journey of leather continues….

Someone said to me the other day that 3 cm lost at this time of year is like double that because of the pressure of over […]