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Oils aint oils….

I was going to write something on this but the link below tells it all better than I could. If you are wondering about saturated fat, olive oil, […]

Who are we again?

our core values –   ·         Down to earth (friendly & non-intimidating) We will be down to earth by being friendly to all our clients and […]

Upcoming Events

We have three very cool events coming up all which we would love you to get involved with. BRISSIE TO BAY RIDE is coming up on […]


Next time you’re doing your grocery shopping, stop for a second and have a look at the label at the back. Whilst it may look like […]

I just need a bit more time……

Attention all ‘successful’ executives and career climbing types who may be not telling themselves the entire truth. I strongly recommend you go to this link and […]

Shopping Tour

As apart of our monthly services, this month we are taking you outside the seminar room of best practice and down to the local shops at […]

Low risk, feel good entry in to changing your life

Go to this link and turn the sound up. I apologise ahead of time for the sound quality but the information is something you or someone […]

The importance of the GI (glycemic index)

  I am guessing some of you are still a little confused and who could blame you? There are so many different pieces of information out […]

The busy breakfast

Welcome to a breakfast at Best Practice. When you are on the go and don’t have much time to prepare food this is a good one […]