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Pilates and back pain

As someone who has suffered some back pain in my time, the article found at the following link was very interesting and informative for those who […]

Nutrition – the key to fat loss

Okay, you’ve got a great fitness plan for 2011. You understand cardio fitness and how you need to do large muscle group activity like swimming, cycling […]

‘Useful fitness’

Went for a ride with some clients today. Wow, what a fraternity of active people out there resplendant in their lycra in the early hours of […]

Exercise and the fountain of youth…

Look. I am not a huge fan of the Sunday Mail but my wife wanted me to get it yesterday because there was an Elmo CD […]

The importance of fats!

I know this heading will confuse you a little. But read this article to find out why some fats, particularly Omega 3’s are so important to […]

Don’t forget to stretch!

Many clients (hopefully not too many…) don’t fully understand the importance of stretching before and after training, and as part of post training recovery i.e. at […]

Strength vs Cardio… Which is best?

The question most people want answered when they decide to to get fit and healthy, is how do I burn up those excess calories as quickly and effectively as […]

Let’s talk about the perfect eating day..

How do you satisfy all the demands? You know, enough fibre, not too much saturated fat, the right amout of zinc, folate and magnesium , not too […]

The Lunge explained…..

Let’s face it, no one really ‘likes’ likes these but what an exercise! It is important to have really good form. Check out this video demo […]