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Push ups for charity and make a wish

Check this out! Find out why we are loving push ups.

Made to move

I am often asked how much exercise is enough. Is it 30 minutes a day as the QLD government are currently promoting? Or is squeezing 3 sessions a week enough to be fit as the World Health Organisation used to say? The question needs clarifying. Enough exercise for what? When we get our head around the idea that sitting a desk is not normal living, that driving a car everywhere and riding lifts and elevators is not that good for us in the long run we will understand that every little thing we can do to move more is helpful to a better life. If food was hard to get a hold of, energy saving would make a lot of sense. But as we are living in an era where there is a whole research field dedicated to the physiology of inactivity it is worth considering how to increase your activity levels in general. It is indeed possible to nullify 3 x 30 minute solid sessions of exercise by being sedentary for the other  165.5 hours in the week. Not surprising when you put those numbers out there. So the lesson for this week is, increase your movement in little ways but everyday. Park your car further away from the shops or even walk there. Use the stairs at work instead of the lift. Get off the bus or the train a stop early. Lose the remote control for everything. You get the idea. Modern living is funny. We now have to have regular breaks from sitting down. In the […]

Don’t choke! A book review

I am in the middle of reading a very interesting book on ‘choking’. It is aptly named ‘Choke’. It is written by an American psychologist, Sian Beilock. It is a topic I have a strong interest in since I did plenty of it when I played tennis! It is a subject that almost everyone can relate to as there are times when you felt that you didn’t do the job as well as you know you were capable of which can be very frustrating. It might be the presentation you had to do as part of your job or your weekend golf game or singing in front of friends or showing a group how well you can play the piano. We are all asked to perform in some way everyday and how we deal with those demands  is how we are judged and sometimes a bad performance can have far reaching consequences or maybe we just think they will, which is just as bad. If you dwell on the ‘what if’  too much you can become worried, getting you to think too much about ‘stuff’ that isn’t going to help you do what you have to do, which can of course adversely affect performance. The book talks about what happens mentally when we are feeling pressure and how it affects our movement and ability to think.  If you are doing something that you have learnt well and have done many times, thinking too much about the mechanics can really limit your performance. For example, a free throw in basketball is […]

Anatomy of a lunge

I had someone tell me the other day that all personal trainers seem to have this obsessive love affair with the lunge. “BORING:”, she cried. Well let me tell you that there is a reason why us personal trainer types prescribe the lunge with monotonous regularity. It is one of the most useful exercise in terms of building glute (bum), quads (thighs) and gastroc (calves) strength and it is strength that you can transfer directly in to activities you do on a daily basis – e.g. getting in to and out of a car, picking anything up off the ground or catching yourself if you trip over a gutter. Besides all this, it will make your legs look good! So show me a better exercise and I will prescribe it. See below for a great demonstration on how it is done well.

Apple versus Doughnut and why Krispy Kreme had trouble in Australia

I came across this article during my readings the other day…. whilst keeping track of your calories is important, it demonstrates the importance of nutritional value. Enjoy!! Apple Vs Doughnut Before you read the below I am glad to say that Krispy Kreme as a franchise struggled in Australia and I am hoping it is because we are starting to realise that we don’t want to try and beat America in everything. Sugar deep fried in fat is not a great daily food choice. All things in moderation of course but ‘eating donuts (sic) and Cwaffeee’ everyday does not a healthy person make! By Paul Taylor The apple, contains water (about 80%), carbohydrate (15%, mainly fructose with some dietary fibre) and a small amount of protein (5% or less) releasing the nutrients contained in the apple. The body uses up energy and nutrients to complete the digestion process, but it is rewarded with an abundance of nutrients from the apple. Firstly, there are amino acids from the protein, which are sent to a pool from which individual cells can access in order to repair themselves and communicate with other cells. Next, we have energy released from the carbohydrate, which goes to fuel our muscles, nervous system and brain. Because most of the sugar is fructose, it is stored in the liver until it is needed, helping blood sugar to remain relatively steady. The humble apple also contains an abundance of nutrients for the body. Just under the skin lies half of the Vitamin C content of the apple. It also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, Vitamin […]

What type are you?

I have been running this business here for almost 6 years now. It always amazes me how people can get so close to committing and then just back right off. It is like the glimpse of what’s ahead (the work part) makes it all seem too scary. So scary that they run a mile the other way, in fact faster than they have run since children. Fitness is one of the hardest sells there is. The reason? You have to pay for something that you know is going to hurt at least a bit with a pay off that seems far from immediate and besides all that, is something you should be able to do for yourself…right?? All true but here’s the kicker and the harsh reality, most will NEVER do it and most will live average, low energy and less than enthusiastic lives because of a lack of conditioning. What a waste! Unless you believe in multiple chances at living then you might agree that the joy of being capable, feeling strong and the buzz of cardiovascular health is worth getting any way you can. Why? Because it literally underpins EVERYTHING – your attitude, your looks, your self esteem, your chance at grabbing as much as you can from your time on the planet. The chances are that if you haven’t got yourself in to a routine of fitness and healthy habits by the time you are 30+ you are going to need some help and sometimes a lot of help. As far as investments go, what is more […]

It’s always nice to see third party evidence….

You must really choose your references well in this world. But this information is actually pretty good and if you train with us, you will know that this is what we talk about when it comes to fat loss! Get the most out of your exercise time!

A typical breakfast…maybe not so good!

Go to this link for some info on a breakfast that may appear healthy but at closer inspection…..

Attitude dude!

Have you ever tuned out when you have heard stuff like, ‘if you think you can’t you are right, if you think you can you are right again’? It is easy to get cynical with these sayings but as most of you know I have a psych background so it should come as no surprise that I will harp on about the importance of what you say to your self on a daily basis. Our brain has great plasticity which means you can mould it to pretty much what you want. More and more amazing research of brain injury victims is showing this under the gaze of some serious scientific technology like the functional MRI machine. I am not going to go in to this too much. But this week I just want you to tune in to that innervoice we all have and have a listen, a real listen. You have certainly heard of the saying that you are what you eat, well triple the truth of that when it comes to, you are what you think. You MUST train the mind to do what you know will help. It would be crazy to think you could grow up and instantaneously become a world expert in tennis, golf, music or dance. These skills must be trained and honed to perfection as is the voice that turns these skills in to second nature. It makes sense then to know that the  same goes for how you decide to think about things. We all have a default mode we go back […]