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Have you heard of ‘crossfit’?

This is an exercising methodology that is becoming more and more prominent in the fitness field. I must say there is a lot I like about […]

I found an awesome breakfast cereal

This perfect month thing has made me search for ways to be healthy but time efficient. Probably something all of us are looking for. I found […]

A new healthy eating pyramid

Now this one makes sense!

Perfect month or just a little better?

Okay, there is no such thing as perfect but July is the month and it has arrived. It began on the weekend and I survived my […]

What the American Medical Association say about supplementing

The reason I take a multi vitamin now is the quote below. As you know I am a sceptic – studying three science degrees has made […]

A new gym coming to best practice? Sweat.

Someone said to me that a gym is not in keeping with best practice philosophy. This one will be! The mission of our gym is to […]

Nutrition is still the biggest area for most of us to improve

With this in mind I have put together a little presentation on navigating to a new tool most of you probably don’t even know we have. […]

7 tips to beat the Winter fitness blues

As Winter approaches even the best plans can come unstuck and the most dedicated amongst us can be posed some pretty serious questions as resolve to […]

A typical day of eating analysed using my net diary

Check out this. It is a screen shot of one day of eating using mynetdiary. The breakdown of this eating day is 32% fat, 41% carbohydrate, […]