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Mcdonalds versus Best Practice

I read in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday that the average Australian spends $38 per week on takeaway like Mcdonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks etc. Here’s an […]

Eating, hunger, weight training and cancer

“When I eat, I am still hungry”. Another answer to a great question. This website is a great support for those on the fat loss journey. […]

Lessons from the perfect month

It’s August 1 and I made it. One month of pseudo perfection. ‘Pseudo’ because nothing and no one is perfect but here is what I committed […]

Another success story

As usual the rules of success have been the same. Burn up more  energy (read: calories) than you are taking in, commit with intensity and stay […]

Cacao – a pretty cool superfood

As much as we would like to think that Cadbury chocolate bars are healthy because they came from ‘cacao’ (which is true in a way), the […]

What is the alternative?

I was talking with a nurse of all people the other day and she was lamenting the 10kg she has put on over the past 5 […]

The Tour De France and our friend computrainer

I have been looking at some stats to try and get a better understanding of how good the riders are. If you currently train on our […]

Want to reduce your carbon foot print??

With Julia Gillard’s new carbon tax making the headlines where are the initiatives to promote carbon friendly practices like riding to work? The future and it […]

Green tea and caffeine

I have been replacing my morning coffee with green tea thinking that I was really kicking caffeine. Well I guess I need to think again. Whilst […]