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Find your why

I saw a rerun of the Adam Sandler ‘comedy’ CLICK on the weekend. Whilst it has some  funny and entertaining moments it is, in my opinion a serious movie about the very meaning of life. For those of you who don’t know it, it is about a guy who is given a very special remote control that has the ability to freeze, slow down, speed up or completely jump various parts of his life that he doesn’t really enjoy. In the parts of his life that he jumps his body is there and participates but his mind is elsewhere. The real problem is that the remote control begins to learn his ‘preferences’ for jumping the boring stuff and starts doing it automatically. He begins to miss whole chunks of his life and having become so focussed on progressing in his career, he loses any meaningful relationship with his wife and children. It is an incredibly sad story because it reflects what can and does happen often when priorities get messed up.  This was a Hollywood movie so he got a second chance. But real life isn’t like that if you didn’t already know. As my friend Eminem says, ‘you’ve got just one shot’ So how does this relate to Best Practice and what we do? Well, we are here for when people finally get it, that the main priority in their life has to be their own health because they can be nothing to anybody with out it including their career but more importantly their family. Our most dedicated client […]

Returning to the scene of the crime….

This is about 50m from where I got married. A beautiful part the world Cabarita Beach. What a day yesterday was huh? I ran along this beach for about 50 minutes and dived in to the ocean at the end, the cool water chilling me but feeling so incredibly refreshing and exhilarating. I got out, played a little cricket with Indy and then relaxed with a cold beer and some nice food with my beautiful wife and good friends from Burleigh. I don’t tell you this for any other reason than to remind you about the reasons for investing time in getting fit -Useful fitness that allows you to have fun and live life to the full. In thinking about it there is more. Besides doing a bit of training for the upcoming Bridge to Brissie, there also this thought of –  ‘don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time’, if you know what I mean. Some of the foods I am eating now (that I am not in the perfect anymore) perhaps would be considered heavy on the calorie ‘deposit’ side. The run made me feel like I was withdrawing some of this ahead of time to give me the buffer I needed to keep the ledger even, so to speak. Call me crazy but aiming for balance in this way feels intuitively sensible. I have spoken about this before but it bears repeating. Working out consistently and at times vigorously in a gym or a studio is great, but let’s not forget why we do it. […]

Mcdonalds versus Best Practice

I read in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday that the average Australian spends $38 per week on takeaway like Mcdonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks etc. Here’s an alternative and a challenge, spend $12.50 per week on Sweat, a best practice gym and see if you are better off by the end of the year? Opening in October, 2011 right here at the pool. Get in quick if you want a membership, as numbers will be strictly limited. Sweatgym

Eating, hunger, weight training and cancer

“When I eat, I am still hungry”. Another answer to a great question. This website is a great support for those on the fat loss journey. You thought lifting weights was all about looking good. Think again. Full disclosure: The link below may be to ‘Ralph’ but the content of the article is spot on, even if it is delivered in slightly low brow fashion

Lessons from the perfect month

It’s August 1 and I made it. One month of pseudo perfection. ‘Pseudo’ because nothing and no one is perfect but here is what I committed to and what I learnt. No Alcohol – achieved. Found a nice no alcohol beer called Erdinger. No Coffee – achieved (not ‘no caffeine’ as it turns out green teas has a fair bit!). No added sugar – I didn’t put any teaspoons of sugar in to anything but certainly didn’t avoid sugar completely as it is in virtually everything. Remember that 4-5 grams is a teaspoon and more than 6-7 a day is probably too much. Higher protein diet – to some extent acheived. Found a great high protein breakfast cereal called Protein first which I highly recommend. 3 cardio type sessions per week and 3 strength training sessions per week – achieved. I guess if I can’t achieve this then there is a problem. But don’t forget I am human too and have the usual personal challenges that everyone else does including old injuries to manage and demands of life to prioritise. I think everyone understands that issue. I had a blood test which revealed an interesting increase in testosterone. Admittedly the first test was done some time back (way before the perfect month) but the second was done just last week. I went from a low level reading to high for my age, perhaps the levels of someone 10 years younger, if I believe one website I read. Can I attribute this to the perfect month? I think, yes more than likely. […]

Another success story

As usual the rules of success have been the same. Burn up more  energy (read: calories) than you are taking in, commit with intensity and stay determined. Voila – new bod and a new lease on life! Check this out! We all know that we are in to higher level reasons for training here at Best Practice than  just ‘amazing body transformation’, but tell me who doesn’t feel better when they look better? Well done buddy. When you are really really happy (I know you still want to take this further) with the end result I will be asking for a life size banner. Look out Craig, a new poster boy is on his way!

Cacao – a pretty cool superfood

As much as we would like to think that Cadbury chocolate bars are healthy because they came from ‘cacao’ (which is true in a way), the real health benefits of cacao or cocoa or chocolate are when it is delivered in its raw form. I have found some pretty interesting stuff in health food shops around town lately and raw organic cacao has been a great find. You can sprinkle this on your high protein cereal, put in to a smoothie with almond milk and a touch of honey and it can even do a pretty good job at replacing coffee as a hot drink! “In comparison by weight, cacao has more antioxidant flavonoids than blueberries, red wine, or black and green teas. In fact, it has up to four times the quantity of antioxidants found in green tea. The Aztecs called the cacao “yollotl eztli,” which literally means “heart blood;” they understood the benefit this truly powerful superfood has on the cardiovascular system” Heidi Flagley, holistic nutritionist – check out this link for some things you may not know about cacao/cocoa And here is a link to the stuff I bought recently. It is a great product for so many reasons. I have no shares in this product but I soon might! Cacao Powder Gold

What is the alternative?

I was talking with a nurse of all people the other day and she was lamenting the 10kg she has put on over the past 5 years. “I am sitting there thinking I really should go for a walk but you know I just don’t like it, you know it’s cold out side, it hurts when you walk up hills and…..” I wasn’t quite sure where she was going with it because it sounded like she was not going to bother trying anymore. Now she wasn’t extremely unhealthy looking and had a great jovial personality but it seemed to me like she had lost any connection with how good it feels to move. To her, moving seemed like a chore. It is a  pretty scary place to get to because seriously, what is the alternative? In ye olden days they used to say ‘no pain, no gain’. We have shied away from that sort of sentiment when it comes to describing exercise to the uninitiated, so as not to scare anybody off. But the truth is that there does need to be a certain level of discomfort and if we are to be really honest,  sensations that could be mistaken for pain. Jump on a computrainer or swim a few hard laps or go for a run and you will see what I mean. But I believe a life worth living  is about the yin and the yang, the relax and the rush, the push and the pull and yes the agony and ecstacy! I am just saying, don’t sit […]

The Tour De France and our friend computrainer

I have been looking at some stats to try and get a better understanding of how good the riders are. If you currently train on our computrainer you can now get a very good glimpse of what these guys do. The computrainer has very many courses, in fact we have a lot of the stages of the tour that you could actually ride and experience for yourself. But before you go and do that let me try and paint the picture of pain that these guys go through. The Alpe D’huez stage is famous for its tortuous finish. It is said to be anywhere between 13.8 and 14 (ish) kilometres straight up, an average grade (depending on who you read) of 6.9% to 7.9%. If you have been on computrainer or know a thing or two about riding this is a serious amount of hurt but especially at the end of a 200 odd kilometre warm up!  The record up Alpe D’huez is 37 mins ish. Can you imagine? One of the numbers to look at next time you are on the computrainer is watts per kg but below is a guage for (guys, sorry girls not available from my source) where you are at compared to ‘fit’ guys and pros! It is pretty interesting if your ride a little. Peak Power for time period Males 2 hours 1 hour 30 mins 5 mins 30 seconds Fit guy 147 – 170 170-172 192-194 206-213 239-452 Category 4 rider 182-209 209 212 237 240 254 266 293 559 Domestic Pro 252 […]