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Just letting you know….

Best Practice now has an online shop from which to buy only the highest quality fitness equipment. We use these products in our business and recommend […]

Your portable massage therapist!


Do you ‘LIKE us?

I tried this once before but have a better link now, so it should be easier to make a connection happen. You should go straight to […]

Bridge to Brisbane, 2011

September 11 is the day. We would like to see you in this one. I am organising a taxi from the pool for those who would […]

Gym update

Sweat, a best practice gym is coming together. See the attached document for the proposed layout (ish)! REVISED FLOOR PLAN (1 Page) Just remember 150 memberships […]

If you are responsible for what your family eats, read this!

I have been using a great tool for planning meals and optimising nutritional intake. Here’s how it works. You enter in your current weight and then […]

Find your why

I saw a rerun of the Adam Sandler ‘comedy’ CLICK on the weekend. Whilst it has some  funny and entertaining moments it is, in my opinion […]

Returning to the scene of the crime….

This is about 50m from where I got married. A beautiful part the world Cabarita Beach. What a day yesterday was huh? I ran along this […]

Mcdonalds versus Best Practice

I read in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday that the average Australian spends $38 per week on takeaway like Mcdonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks etc. Here’s an […]