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You are not there yet if….

Exercise isn’t your default reaction to stress in your life. Most people fall off the exercising bandwagon when ‘things just get too much’. I will argue that this is the very time that you need it the most. I remember calling a local company in my early days of running the business here only to be cut short by the gatekeeper/receptionist with an indignant tone, “the workers don’t have time or energy left for exercise!” Ironic or what?? Someone also said to me recently that ‘it’s all about time management’ WRONG. It’s all about priorities. If you have heard me rant before then you already know this. But it bears repeating as my old uni lecturer used to say, repetition is the mother of all learning. Wise words. Many are called and few are chosen they say. Do you want to be part of the many or the few? You just have to look at the numbers quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday. “two thirds of Australians are overweight or obese”. I don’t care how many times I read that , it just saddens me. The most interesting and fun people I know are those that move regularly and push themselves a bit. Fair enough if we were designed with no legs and no arms, the couch would be the best place to hang out. But come on, seriously!  We have a heart and lungs that allow us to do so much, just ask Cadel. The side effects of using them are nothing but good. It is worth […]

Bridge to Brisbane 2011

What a day! It was indeed a fresh start to Sunday morning with around 7 degrees on the dial  as I climbed out of a warm bed from my lovely wife at 4.30am (you will be in it next year Jacqui!!). I had a text from a great client of mine Martina Hal after the event, who said words to the effect that “her trainer wouldn’t be pleased that there may have been more chatting than serious exercise”. I replied by saying that ‘anyone who gets out of bed early on a Sunday morning to engage in exercise of any kind gets my respect’. And so it goes also to Andrew Bauer and Merve Smith. I am sure there were other clients and ex clients involved but hats off to you two guys in particular. We met at the pool at 5.00 am and got across to the start with minimal stress in the best practice mobile. It was a great performance from first timer, Andrew who had said to me a year ago that he would and I quote ‘like to be able to run 1km without stopping’. Well, after running the 10km yesterday non stop in a respectable time indeed, I think we need to readjust those goals some what. Great effort mate! Next year, sub 50 mins is realistic. As for Merve, an old hand at this running game, a predictable super effort. With marathons under his belt this man knows about ‘habitual exercise’ and the power of consistent effort in being active as simply something which […]

A legend get’s recognised

On Friday night here at the pool, a true character and a gentleman got recognised for the legend he is. Norman Hughes, age 78 was honored with a ceremony, surrounded by friends of all ages as the new (ish) pool terrace/deck area, was officially named after him. Well done to Belgravia Leisure and the pool staff, particularly Gemma and Dylan for getting it together and helping make a great night of it. There was a very special feel amongst all who were there as great stories were shared by those who have known Norman for both short and long periods of time. He has touched many with his intelligence,  humour and obvious good nature. I interviewed Norman a few weeks back and asked him what got him to the point where exercise is a very real and structured part of his life. I will post that video once I have edited it a little. I think all of us can draw some inspiration from this man. It is clear that he has fully grasped the power of movement, routine and the social bonds that go with the healthy pursuit of life as an action sport! Well done Norman, you are a bonus to all those who know you!

The many benefits of the magic ‘pill’

When I say to potential clients that there is a magic pill out there that can do just about anything when it comes to improving health including but not limited to: reducing cholesterol, improving brain function, optimising blood pressure, lifting mood state, improving sex (now I have your attention) and that this pill is free and open to all. They just don’t believe me. That ‘pill’ of course is regular exercise. And here is yet another study confirming the benefits of aerobic type exercise in reducing the impact of the debilitating disease, dimentia. Whilst you can argue that genes may get us in the end, the things in our control like exercise has just too many side effects to NOT do. Check this article out on Science today. It is a good read.

Sweat is getting closer!

Very special offer for those who like to take action! Just on another note and before I forget. Not sure if you have heard my ‘caller tone’ lately.  Think Snoop Doggy Dog and something very appropriate to our new gym. You will have to call me and hope I don’t answer straight away! Anticipated opening October 8

handy weekly meal planner template

my_weekly_meal_planner This is one of the tools we are using (but filled in to suit your goals) in our nutrition coaching. We use a great system. You can see more about it back at our website

If you do yoga or Pilates check this

I have looked long and hard for a great mat. This one fits the bill if you are doing yoga or Pilates on a hard surface. Check it out

Food pyramind out ‘my plate’ in

The US agricultural society has taken action to help fight obesity. Check this short video out on a great innovation on making eating better simple.

Glory days….. but what about now?

I won an Australian junior tennis title event. I did a biathlon and swam across Sydney Harbour I got my bronze medallion I was captain of my football team I represented NSW in tennis I ran the city to surf in 54 mins….. Big deal! All these things have one thing in common. They are in firmly in the past. I don’t know how many times I have heard blokes (in particular) talk about stuff they once did. Who cares? What matters is what is happening now! This blog is aimed at 40+ something blokes. It is an age group and gender and I can relate to. Just lately we have had some guys of this vintage do really well. The following guys have lost around 10cm off the waist this year, Andrew, Gareth, Gary, Rogerio, Jorge. Others have lost a little less but are DOING the job right now. This is what counts. Forget about how much of a legend you might have been in the past. That ship has sailed my friend. Now is your reality. Later this year I will be assembling a group of motivated blokes who want to make 2012 the year that they stop the rot and reclaim the glory days. This will be a 12 month program and only for guys who are just super FED UP with being FAT, FORTY-ISH and FREAKIN’ living in the past.  I will be accepting 10 blokes only and only those who I think have the stomach for this. No pun intended. But yep you will be […]