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A legend get’s recognised

On Friday night here at the pool, a true character and a gentleman got recognised for the legend he is. Norman Hughes, age 78 was honored […]

The many benefits of the magic ‘pill’

When I say to potential clients that there is a magic pill out there that can do just about anything when it comes to improving health […]

Sweat is getting closer!

Very special offer for those who like to take action! Just on another note and before I forget. Not sure if you have heard my ‘caller […]

handy weekly meal planner template

my_weekly_meal_planner This is one of the tools we are using (but filled in to suit your goals) in our nutrition coaching. We use a great system. […]

If you do yoga or Pilates check this

I have looked long and hard for a great mat. This one fits the bill if you are doing yoga or Pilates on a hard surface. […]

Food pyramind out ‘my plate’ in

The US agricultural society has taken action to help fight obesity. Check this short video out on a great innovation on making eating better simple.

Glory days….. but what about now?

I won an Australian junior tennis title event. I did a biathlon and swam across Sydney Harbour I got my bronze medallion I was captain of […]

The health benefits of coconut oil

I was watching Jamie Oliver yesterday. Wow, he uses a lot of olive oil. There has been lots of talk about transfats and how the destabilisation […]

A 7 day meal plan of the highest nutrition

Some of you may know we are using a nutrition coaching program called nutrition complete. Down load the example of a healthy 7 day eating plan […]