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Open day this Sunday

Sweat is finally here. This Sunday, October 16 is our open day. Remember you have to be there to have a chance to win the 12 […]

Motivation and the 100km ride

Motivation. It is an interesting subject. I can tell you though, that it is something you are going to have to manage well, if you are […]

Another classic breakfast

Check out the breakdown of this little breakfast delight! Classic breakfast breakdown

Olympic strength moves

Have you ever wondered how typical Olympic strength moves could be put in to a program for yourself? You will have to have some experience to […]

Some useful apps and websites

I have used mynetdiary to track my food and exercise in the perfect month back in July. It was ultra convenient and quick to know what […]

Sweat gym, a new website

Okay, the website is up and running. Memberships on sale next Monday, October 3 Open dayon October 16, where we will draw the winner of […]

Functional exercise program

You’ve got 20 minutes to fit in something. Most people think it is not enough time and just don’t do anything. The far better reaction is […]

It’s not about the money

But maybe big business need it to be. Governments certainly know it is about the money, which is why they are so freaked out and trying […]

You are not there yet if….

Exercise isn’t your default reaction to stress in your life. Most people fall off the exercising bandwagon when ‘things just get too much’. I will argue […]