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The one legged deadlift to upright row and one leg lift

Perform this exercise and develop back strength, balance, glute and hip flexor strength and core stability. Now that is a good return for doing  just one […]

The best exercise program in the world

You have heard me say this before. It is the one that you do! I read an interesting article about strength training and consistency. So many […]

Interesting study proves PT worth

An interesting study on how to help people become more active has basically confirmed the importance of face to face behavioural intervention (read: having a coach […]

Can a 50 year old match it with a 20 year old?

I indeed would like to think so as I hurtle head long towards a number that I can hardly believe I will be but that is […]

Yeah I exercise, I do wiifit!

I believe the future of exercise will revolve around so called ‘exergaming’, combining exercise with games online. Imagine racing your mate in the US on a […]

Why aren’t you massive dude?

I was buying a plant the other day for the new gym and I got talking with the friendly shop assistant whilst trying to decide which […]

Interval treadmill workout

This is appropriate for members of our new gym or those who have access to a treadmill. This can be done in 25 mins and you […]

A nutritious easy to prepare dinner

This is straight from our nutrition complete program which is our online training tool for optimal nutrition. It’s not that hard to eat well. You just […]

Open day this Sunday

Sweat is finally here. This Sunday, October 16 is our open day. Remember you have to be there to have a chance to win the 12 […]