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Inspirational story. 54 year old woman achieves some great things

Check this one out from the files of metabolic precision success stories.

The deadlift and rehab?

I really loved this post I found regarding the importance of the deadlift and rehabilitation of a back injury. It touches at the very heart of […]

Muscle matters….big time!

Forget this, “I don’t want to bulk up” line. If you are the average person, unless you actually strive to get stronger you won’t not only […]

I don’t want to age!

“The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child in to old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm”. Wise words from Mr […]

Calories aint calories

New information coming to light raises question marks over what has been the generally accepted thought about calories. Food has calories which we consume and our […]

The perfect training program? No really, this time!

I have said before that the best training program in the world is…. the one you actually do. I still strongly believe this,  because doing something […]

What I do on my weekends

Some of you already know that I am pretty motivated to help people and nutrition has always been one of those things that I have desperately […]

Measuring day & BBQ this week

Just a quick reminder. This Saturday, the 18th is your first measuring day opportunity for the year. Remember it is very difficult to improve what you […]


I came across this quote from the Dalai Lama yesterday. It says it better than anything else I have read or could express in words myself. […]