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On yer bike!

A number of us here at Best Practice are going in the Brissie to Bay ride on June 24.  Enter here. It would be great to […]

Old age and limiting factors

An interesting read from yours truly 🙂

Exercise as medicine

Personal training has come a long way but perhaps still has a ways to go before ‘practitioners’ are held in the same regard as doctors. More […]

Have a go ya mug!

There is something quintessentially Australian about that quaint little saying. I was reminded of it on the weekend when I participated in the annual corporate triathlon […]

Is it a coincidence?

You have probably heard the saying that a mechanics car is the first one to break down. The thought is that they are good at fixing […]

Anti-oxidants. Heard of them. Yes. But how important are they?

I am now tapped in to an awesome resource. I want to share this with you. This is, information you can trust. Let’s face it, that […]

Omega 3 is ABSOLUTELY critical to your health & performance…….

The omega-3 discovery The omega-3 essential fats help building muscle, reduce inflammation, improve insulin metabolism, promote brain health and protect against cardiovascular disease. They are becoming […]

Relaxation with yoga pilates

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Inspirational story. 54 year old woman achieves some great things

Check this one out from the files of metabolic precision success stories.