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Do you like desserts?

Might as well make them healthy because you can!

Do as we do….

  I will be honest with you. As much as I do to want to help people experience what it’s like to be healthy, fit and […]

Lat pull down – how to…. and how not to!


Bike Ride this Weekend!

We have a team in the Brissie to Bay ride this coming Sunday. It’s not too late to join us!

Nutrition “Tip of the week”

Some great tips for you this week from the makers of our new nutrition system. Tip #1 Eat Pasta… Carefully by Dr. John Berardi As a […]

Eating on the road (not ‘off’ the road!)

This information is likely to help a number of you deal with the challenges of travel and maintaining a great healthy diet whilst not in the […]

Can you really learn good nutrition in 8 days??

You know already that I have been seriously looking at how I can help you get your eating right. I want to help a large number […]

A bunch of tasty healthy recipes. Enjoy!

If you search hard enough and know where to look sometimes you come across great resources. This one will help you. That is, if eating better […]

How’s your kitchen looking? You will find this really useful!

This is a great tool to see where you are at. It all starts in your kitchen and preparation, with the right tools of the trade,  […]