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Whey Protein Isolate versus Concentrate

What is the difference? Isolate tends to be a more highly concentrated form of protein and is lower in lactose. On the downside it is perhaps […]

Just fillin’ in the time….

I grew up in my formative years with an older mentor. He was the epitome of cool (in my mind) and I listened to most things […]

Awesome little tracker

I have always been a big advocate of tracking and recording what you do. It has been shown time and again that when someone records they […]

Exercise is medicine!

In my  mind, this is blindingly obvious but at last a movement that is pushing it. This has come from the very prestigious ACSM (American College […]

Useful fitness

It’s that time of the year. Bridge to Brissie time. This Sunday early! Doesn’t matter if you don’t run. Just get out and walk it. There […]

First with the head

If you are having trouble getting to where you want to go you may need to review the basics of motivation. As with all things in […]

Who says eating well can’t be healthy?

You can thank me later! Check these great ideas out.

Do you know squat?

For a comprehensive review of this most important movement check out this great resource.

Change your life?

Here’s a guy who did the job and then some! James did some work experience for us and is an inspiration to us all. When you […]