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Ride to work day

In a world conspiring to take away every opportunity for incidental exercise. Remote control this, automated that. When time is of the essence (which it is for any one living in this mad mad western world – even though we are in the south eastern part !) you have to ‘squeeze’ in your activity where you can. So if you have to travel to work, which most of us do then why not knock out some health giving exercise on the way? Go on you if you cycle to work. We salute you today. Below mightn’t exactly be riding but you get a greater energy burn with those beloved kickbikes. Either way. Get on yer bike (what ever kind)  folks!

Bootcamp is a waste of time?

I have always said, ‘doing something is better than nothing’ but if your goal is to lose body fat and ‘tone’ up (toning is a bit of a non word in my opinion – ask me personally if you want more of an explanation) then group fitness, bootcamp or what ever you like to call it is a waste of time –  if you don’t address your diet. This is why I am putting together a group fitness and nutrition coaching program starting on October 22. It may be for you or someone you know because most people fall down badly in this area and waste so much of their hard work by not getting it right. Whilst it really is rather simple, it is not necessarily easy which is why it might be beneficial to work with the support of a group. Check out this ground breaking program. By the time we start the program it will be about 8 weeks to Christmas….just saying!

The Caveman diet?

This diet approach isn’t all bad but at the same time their bold assertions may really be flawed from a scientific point of view. But at first glance some the recipes and meals that they propose are about a million times better, now it is my turn to be scientific 🙂 than the average person’s diet of Macdonalds, KFC and Dominoes Pizza! Check out some of the recipes and judge for yourself.

Hope springs eternal

Here is a link to an short article I wrote in the newsletter of a firm really respect. Check it out.

Our training philosophy in a nutshell

How should you train? Interval sessions, long distance cardio, heavy weights, cross fit, pilates, yoga? How does it all fit in if I am trying to achieve great body change results or even a maintainable exercise regime. Let’s get this straight from the get go. First, the best program in the world is, [drum roll] wait for it……”the one you actually do consistently”. You may have heard me say that before but it is true. Most people don’t exercise consistently. If you are achieving this, kudos to you. But if you want to know our philosophy and what the ultimate goal should be read on: First simply do something [but don’t hurt yourself], second build a base from which you can launch in to more challenging movements – pilates and core training is usually a good start. Next build up some cardio fitness because being able to ‘do stuff’ with out dying aerobically is just useful when it comes to being able to hang out with friends and enjoy random activities. It means you can participate well in life. After this build towards progressive strength training which means aiming to either hold on to or build muscle to both burn fat and change shape. Hint: both mean lifting heavy weights [relative to what you can handle – you will need help with this on]. Once you have a handle on that then look at the high intensity interval style training to help build during and post exercise metabolism [critical to burning body fat]. The reason this one comes at the […]

We will try anything!

It seems tacky in some ways but putting cold hard cash up for grabs in an attempt to get people moving and eating well, as we run in to Christmas is not something I am above doing! How does a grand sound? Am I being stupid? Probably but I will try anything to put a motivated bunch together. If what I am doing stimulates action (that otherwise may never have happened) and that action leads to new life habits, then it is genius because I love seeing results and there is nothing better than a group with a common goal spurring each on. It is after all the reason we do what we do. Think Drive theory, Daniel Pink. Good read that. it will explain some things you may have wondered about in regards to motivation. In the mean time check out our new program. Starts  October 22. Info night October 15. 16 seriously ready to change soon to be legends need only apply! 🙂 Is that you? Body Balance Challenge 2012

7 super sources of Omega 3’s

This one is from Spark People. Generally, some really good stuff. Check it out. Omega 3 food sources

Champion clients!

There were others who should be mentioned and their photos may follow. Well done to Graeme Macdonald, Martina Hale, Kerry Hamley and Jorge Martinez. There may be others I missed (apologies) but great to see the evidence above Emma, Yuri, Trev, Tom and Ben. Thanks for sharing! I am hoping to have a few more pictures to show you after the Brisbane to Gold Coast ride on October 7. It’s not too late to join us! Call me!!

“You can’t out train a bad diet”

I know you have heard this one from me before. It is definitely the one area that sabotages most people, even those who exercise well and especially those who say “I eat pretty well” and still are not happy with their body. I can tell you unequivocally that you aren’t ‘eating well’ if you are over fat and unfortunately that describes 65% of Australian men and 58% of Australian women. I wanted to tell you quickly about a group nutrition coaching program with group fitness and an education component, like you have never seen from us before. I will be promoting this over the next 5 weeks but this is your chance to get in early and take a sneak peak. You may have seen some whispers of this before but finally, we are ready to go. This really is ‘THE SYSTEM” for getting the best results from your training. It  has been used by anyone who has ever seriously changed their body and got the result they were looking for. Even if you already train with us, this is still worth a look and could be integrated in to what you do because this will have a really cool group ‘dynamic’, which is why I am only accepting 16 (super keen and ready to go) participants, so check it out. I am putting this on because I love seeing people get results and I think it will be a lot of fun too. BodyBalanceChallenge2012