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Numbers matter but awareness is key

As much as we like to talk about the big picture of metabolism and not getting too caught up in the minutiae of calorie intake, it […]

Do you have a good plan?

When we coach clients in Nutrition we are constantly evaluating results. Quite simply if the body isn’t changing then there are one of two explanations. It […]

Exercising over the break

A smart way to approach this time of year is to do one of two things depending on where you are at. If it has been […]

If you can’t work with us choose these guys!

I am a realist. Not everyone can afford a personal trainer but so many people need one. Most people have a go at exercising to lose […]

Assisted chin up


Setting goals that inspire

You might think it is too early to be setting goals for 2013. I beg to differ. Now is exactly the right time to get out […]

What do the healthiest people in the world eat for breakfast?

Modelling success is a common self development catch cry. Set aside your cynical attitude for a second and get your head around the concept that the […]

Can Jack Daniels improve your running? & No excuses!

No. I am not talking about the whiskey Jack! But I knew this would get your attention. If one of your goals for 2013 is doing […]

VIP’s eating well!

It was the 2012’s Best Practice Personal Training VIP dinner and it was another great night thanks to Graeme and the good people who came along […]